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I currently own a 74 chevy Blazer that I purchased about a year ago, running wise its all dialed in with a little suped up 350, some suspension lift and mud tires. I wanted a 74 for the full removable top, but after owning it for a year I have lived with the troubles that a full removeable top comes with,..Miss aligned doors, roll up windows ,etc. On top of this the body is pretty shot with rust, both rocker panels, the cab floor, Doors, and rear pasenger and driver body panels. The truck looks good from far, but far from good. Im a new mechanic to the scene of chevys and I dont want to sound stupid, maybe its too late, but will a 81 body bolt on to the frame of a 74? Is there anything else I need to know before doing the swap?


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To the best of my knowledge (I'm familar with pickups, not Blazers) the newer body will bolt up to your frame no problem.

As I mentioned in a reply to a different thread, I put an '81 cab on my '75 dually, worked out fine.

The swap itself should be pretty straightforward, don't forget to install new cab cushions at the same time. And before lifting the body off, check and double check for anything you forgot to unhook like a wire or exhaust hanger.

While the body is off, it's a good time to check the frame over, remove rust/scale and paint it up.
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Stop! the body won't just bolt 1980 they changed the frame when they modified the floor behind the front seats and made it lower (they call it a footwell) so the rear passengers would have more legroom...this portion will have to be raised or modified to clear your frame...your can put your body on a newer frame, but not vice versa...also the body mounts in this area don't line up from the newer (80+up to the old) can be done with some work, but for a cleaner job I would just get a newer body/chassis and use your powertrain components...another option is to sell your blazer (if the body is still useable/fixable/saveable the are worth more to some people than the newer style...even if you remove your body advertise it (ColoradoK5 website is a great site for this)as many people convert the newer bodies to full convertible top, and will need your top, windshield frame, rocker reinforcement boxes, door frame caps, weatherstriping, don't just toss it.....just my 2 cents...ED

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Actually the footwell was added in '78 and the frame was changed to position the body mounts outside of the frame to allow for the new rear seat design.