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Body Swap

Discussion in 'Ford Trucks' started by thesnowman269, Apr 16, 2010.

  1. thesnowman269

    thesnowman269 Senior Member
    Messages: 965

    Well Ive been doing alot of work to the truck lately and I just cant get over how much rust is on the body, I mean its pretty bad the rocker panels are completely gone, theres nothing there anymore. The truck used to have running board but I had to cut them off when they started to fall off the truck when you stepped on them. So I started the search on criagslist, Found a truck with the same body with bad engine and tranny for $700, Now I know your all saying if the trucks that rusty why bother keeping it, Well Ill tell you why I would like to keep it, Its the first truck Ive ever owned, Ive learned so much by working on it And I think it would be cool to keep it around for quite some time, Ive replaced many parts on the truck as it is, Brakes (Complete new brake system), U joints tranny, Axle parts, bearings, shocks, Clutch, clutch slave cylinder, Re-enforced the front of the frame for the snowplow mount, I think im forgetting a few other things, Not to mention its sort of a rare truck (Light duty F250, manual tranny with the 4.6) Now back to the point ive already put alot of money in the truck, really dont mind putting more into as Id like to keep it around as mentioned already (only thing wrong mechanically is it has an exhaust leak). So what Ive done is found a whole new body for the truck, The truck does have quite a few miles on it but im alrite with that as all i want is the body. My plan is to swap the donor trucks body on to the old truck (my truck I have now) and sell the frame and remaing parts from the donor truck to try and get some cash back, And scrap the current truck body as it is long gone. So my question is how hard do you think thi will be to do? I consider myself excellent with a wrench as do many of my friends, How ever ive never done something so involved before, Whats the easiest way to swap a body out? I would have to swap the dash (steering colum) out because my truck is a manual and the donor truck is an automatic. How hards that to do? I know it involves alot of work, But being Ive never done something like this how impossible would one think it is for me to do? I have faith in myself and think I could handle it, the only thing im concerned about is getting everything to work once its all put together. As far the cost of things go, how much more money do you think I would have to dish out after buying the donor truck? I really have no other point in typing this other then that I know its really not worth spending the money on but I dont really care I want to do it :D My plan is to install a body lift while the truck is apart so thats all new bushings and what not for the body. So I geuss what I am asking what else could I expect to spend my money on as far as parts go?
  2. MickiRig1

    MickiRig1 PlowSite Veteran
    Messages: 3,617

    I can tell you right now that you will spend money on just stuff. Bolts,wire,solder,and washers. You will need to have a cutting torch,air tools,floor jacks and jack stands. You also need to consider what is the trucks frame like? Is it really rusted and shedding big flakes or shrouds of metal? It can be big wrenching, but it can be done. Just think of all the factors when you consider the job. I love my truck but I have considered what it needs vers how long it can last. Time to scrape it. Plus do you care what it looks like vers it does the job?
  3. Tbrothers

    Tbrothers Senior Member
    Messages: 140

    You will need a hoist or something to lift the body off with. Its really not that hard as long as you pay attention. Mark all the wires so you know exactly where they go on the new body. A cutting torch will help on taking the cab bolts off. Like said before check the frame of the truck you want to save to make sure its good. When you have the old cab off now is a good time to change any brake lines,fuel lines etc. A project like this is hard but rewarding, it will cost you a little money. Hard part is where do you draw the line? Brake lines, fuel lines, should you sand blast the frame easy to do its right there.
  4. Chipper

    Chipper Member
    Messages: 78

    I just changed a rusty/ tree fell on the cab 89 F-250 7.3l diesel 4x4 body over to a rust free 91 F-250 blown motor gas engine. Being the two trucks are basically the same is was a very easy job FOR ME. I used my tractor and loader to move the cab and box around. Had to swap the wiring harness over to the other dash, gas and diesel are different. Very easy to fix and perform any needed repairs with the body off. So I now have a really nice rust free diesel truck for less than $2500. Only took me 1.5 days.
    "IF" you have the mechanical ability/resources its well worth the hassle.