Bobcat 553...


Seymour IN
I have the chance to purchase a bobcat 553 at a reasoniable price and was wondering what you guys think about using this machine to move snow with. Here in Indiana we get bout 2-3 snow appx 2-6 inches tops. Do you think this machine would work for this application?

guido Veteran

Its pretty small if your using it to load snow with, but to clean sidewalks or hard to reach areas it would be perfect.

They really don't have enough balls for a lot of construction uses, it looses its force quick when it gets into the material. Try it out on some sand or stone first to get it feel for what the machine can take, and then you can decide for yourself better than we can for you.

Michael F

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Rochester, NY
I have a 753, with an 8' blade. In heavy snow it gets pushed around. Some of it I'm sure is the operators, both were new with it this year, more experience I'm sure will help. Hope this helps.

guido Veteran

Damn Skippy!

Something in the 7 or 8 series is definetly a lot better!

We have plows for ours with power angle that we used for our own parking lots and shop this year it they worked great. We even have a "snow" bucket that they sell. Its the same as all the other buckets just much larger.

They are all around more usuefull machines. The only time I could see using the smaller machine we have (553 I believe) is if there was a space restriction that the larger ones couldn't meet.

Hope this helps!


Guido's right!

A 553 is really nothing more than a toy when it comes to real work. I use to have one quite a few years ago. Gas motor (actually a Pinto motor), no balls whatsoever. I don't know what your reasonable price is, but as long as your comfortable with it, it can't hurt. Bobcats are awsome pieces of equipment. I have 2, a 763 G series and a 863 F series. Dug out a 1500' driveway with 2' of snow a couple of years ago with the 763. Didn't have a plow blade, just used the bucket. Took awhile, but it did the job ;)