Block heater plug mod

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Since my truck stays outside unless I'm doing work on it, I make sure it gets plugged in at night. (Easier starting, faster warm-up = less wear etc) I drove big trucks for a few years and liked the way they have a convenient plug, with a cover on it, for the block heater. I bought one at the local truck repair place and installed it on my '75 GMC. In my case, I have stainless panels bolted on below my rockers (owner mod, yes I used stainless bolts with acorn nuts!) which gave me a handy spot to mount the plug. It is just behind the wheel well, so is fairly well protected from spray. Make sure to get the rubber boot to go along with the plug assembly, to keep it sealed up tight. Location is largely a matter of personal preference and what works best on your truck, you can mount the plug pretty much anywhere as long as you can run the block heater wire to it. This installation eliminates having a cord with plug end dangling from your truck, and is especially handy if you run battery blankets in addition to the block heater: now only one plug is needed!

1975 GMC C-35

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