Blizzards again


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I'm interested in hearing comments from Blizzard plow owners/operators. I'm considering the 810 for my '01 F-350, the design seems like it will speed up my plowing quite a bit. I've done the search thing, but most responses are from speculators. I wonder how some of you guys ever got past pulling a pin to angle your plow or crank up windows. Anyone out there that actually owns one of these? I hear second hand that people who have them love 'em.

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Welcome to plowsite.

I had originally posted a rude answer to your dismissing the expertise of some of the members here. I pulled that part of my post to give you the benefit of the doubt in hopes that you had simply spoken before you thought it out.

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Here is a link to a thread that is pertinent:

Before you dismiss the opinions of the posters listed below who contributed to that thread, you should consider their expertise: John Allin, Chuck Smith, Alan, DaveO, Landscaper3 and Lazer. If you're not aware of who they are, just ask. I think any one of them are quite capable of pulling a plow pin. With the possible exception of Mr Allin, who would just hire someone to pull it for him. Maybe there's a reason you can't find the information you're looking for from this group.
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I can't say that I much care for your way of entering the discussion here.

What you have seen is a bunch of folks with EXPERIENCE who have looked at a new product and find the design doubtful.

Too many moving parts and related hoses, cylinders, etc.. If I thought they would hold up to commercial plowing I'd probably try one. Same as I was the first in this area to run Sno-Way plows, but I liked that design and felt it would work. So far I've been right.

If you are so impressed with one go put your money down and use one. If it works, come back and tell us about it, but in the meantime don;t come in here and take shots a folks you don't know and who might have forgotten more about snow work than you know right now.


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I won't say much about the way you posted other than I hope you didn't really mean it the way it was typed. In general the people on this board especially the ones in the posts you read are very up on everything in this industry.

Now then, I do not own the Blizzard 810 but I did just purchase the Blizzard 800. I am very pleased with the way mine hooks up and handles. Of course I have not actually touched any snow with it yet, but I have played with it a lot. It is very easy to put on and take off with the way they designed it. I am also very pleased with the way the mount frame is bolted to the truck. The mount on my 93 F-250 is very beefy and bolted into existing holes, no new holes had to be drilled. Overall I think it is a great plow and very well built but time will tell, and hopefully that time is not far off. There have been a lot of the 810s sold here this year as well so I am anxious to see how they all perform. I am a sub for another local company and they did purchase a 810 so I will get to try the 810 out sometime this winter. I may even stick it on my truck to try. All Blizzard plows use the same mount on the truck end and same wiring so they are interchangeable. Hope this helped, and be more carefull with your wording.;)

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Whoa.... I's a learnin sumptin now.....

Ya know... I was a wonderin why my feet kept gettin cold out der in da snow......

Only gots a one question now....... what's a 'crank up'???

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I'm really in bad shape - I have both power angle AND power windows on the 1 ton. The 1/2ton has a crank on the door, though. Is that to make the window go up and down?

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:( Can someont tell me where i stick these 2 cables coming from my plow, WOW im new to the site and heard of the wisdom of some members and that takes alot of B#$@!^ to say that!

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