Blizzard technical question on Power Plow

Central WA Plow

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Anybody have a pic of the newer bolt in bushings that the hook up pins go thru. Mine are wore out and I need to make some new ones, that aren't the weld in type, but the bolt in type.

MY two plows are some of the very first one made.
I understand the newer ones are bolted in.

I have placed a pen point at the bushing area in the picture below.

If any of you blizzard guys have or could take a pic for me, and post it on here, that would be great.

By the way i have only plowed 9 times total with this plow. Kinda hard to believe there wore out already. Other than that blade has work great. Oh I forgot about the crappy cutting edges, that were to brittle and like to break on the first manhole you find. LOL

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when my pins wore down they were almost to the hitch pins before I caught it. All I did was mig welded them back up and ground them back round and I haven't had a problem since. It happened the first year I owned them and real quickly that I thought they were going to be an ongoing thing, but luckly they haven't been.

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