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Blizzard Section to a Contract


PlowSite.com Veteran
Monday Night and Tuesday Morning, is a perfect excample of where the Blizzard Section to a Contract pays off.

Trucks basicly ran steady for 24 hours or so. Every driver did his route at least 3 times, just breaking things open. Only trucks basicly went in circles.

So you can see just with that many hours of opperation to keep things open, this storm will cost big bucks. However just because the snow is stopped, we are not done. Parking lots have mountains in waiting to be haulled off. Every account needs to be pushed back. Each account is assigned a service level, Level 1 is commercial, Level 2 is a residential drive that needs to be done before the next storm. Residenital 3 can wait a while.

The belizzard section of the contract allows me to charge more money to pay for the extra hours. It also gives me the right to bring a loader on site and charge X amount of dollars, when I feel it is needed. However the storm must have more than 12" to opperate under the blizzard charge.