Blizzard power plow?


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i bought a small blizzard plow. It doesnt have the wings for expansion to make it 10 ft. Those are for the big trucks 3/4 and 1 tons. But over all i like the design of the Blizzard as it has a unique curve shape to roll the snow. I also have Meyers and would buy another Blizzard if I had to. It piles snow much better, you dont need the rubber flap to protect the window. Its a great system, hopefully the next one will be the big toy with the wings.

we have one one a f550, they just got it putt on in like december. The stupid thing broke during the first snow storm, all the hydrolic conections came lose at the pump and it leaked fliud and wouldn't move. One of the guys brought it back up to the dealer, they fixed it and it was broke agian as soon as he got back. They went through about 3 or 4 gallons of fluid over one weekend, I think that truck plowed 1 lot and a couple of drives so far this year.

I think it's a good concept but it needs to be beefed up and need some kinks worked out.

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AGREED, little green guy.

Right now dealers can't get RID of them. They're specially priced right now -- about the same as a standard straight plow -- lower than a V-plow and they're still stacked up in crates.


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When will people learn... You never buy anything the first year it is out on the market...

Gotta give them a chance to work out all the bugs.

I almost bought one, looks great on the video, the concept is good, just think the design and engineering need some tweaking.

Now that I hear thise feedback, I am glad I didn't buy it. I love my old Fisher, Bought it used many years ago and still going strong. I will need a cutting edge soon, I might finally try the U edge Dino.


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Sorry Kent, I only saw them marketed in my region this past year.

I mean the manufacturer was still trying to find a dealer to handle this area. Maybe they have only recently started marketing nationally?

I guess its possible that like anything, there could be a few duds in any brand... Just seems that I have heard more beefs about Western, Meyers, Hiniker Curtis plows( no relation) and now Blizzard than I have aheard about Fisher.

I have personally used Western, Meyer and Fisher on my trucks. I prefer Fisher hands down!

If Blizzard users are out there I would love to hear more. Like I said I was interested, and almost bought one. But I wanna hear more feedback from end users first.

I never said it wasn't a good plow, Just new to our market and I never buy anything just out on the market.

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Do a search here on Blizzard..... lots of information here. I saw one up close at a show and spent alot of time going over it with a fine tooth comb. Report is on this forum somewhere....

Good concept.
Suspect performance.
Tough to fix if anything goes wrong.

My opinion only. And, NOT from experience with it in the field.

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