Blizzard Plows


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St.Louis, MO
I seen my first Blizzard expandable plow today it looks pretty heavy duty. I haven't seen a demo yet but it looks as if it will haul alot of snow to the fence line.

I have allways ran fishers and they are great but I am thinking of buying this Blizzard.

If any one has any info on the Blizzard it would be a great help in my desicion.

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Saint Joseph, MO
Pelican is correct. I had the Blizzard 800 straight plow last season, and I loved it. I would still have it this season if I had not sold that truck. I too am about to buy a Blizzard 810 for my new truck. One of my favorite features about these plows is the easy hookup. These also seem to be built quite well except for a few problems with the wings of some people's plows.

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