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Troy, Mi.
Hi from Troy,Mi. just north of Detroit. Been looking at new plows to go on new Ford F-250 and saw this new plow by Blizzard. I think it has been out for 1 year. Does anyone or has anyone seen one in use or heard of any problems with them? Talked to one guy he said circuit breakers were to small and blowing them but he said they fixed that problem also said sometimes the wing would not retract. Thanks for any help or information.

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Erie, PA
First year plows always have problems. First year the Fisher 'V' hit the street there were mucho problems (although they got them worked out).

I think Goeff's right.... more moving parts, more problems. Good idea, but lots of bugs to work out.

Seems to me I heard someone on this forum say that they had one and that he had gone thru some major problems.
My opinion is if you want a bigger plow, buy one. If you want something that is multi-functional, buy a fisher or western. They are proven plows and if you need parts you can go almost anywhere. You buy a blizzard, you better have your own parts inventory if it breaks. Time is money,if you break,you might be screwed. Good luck #1PT.


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These are all comments that you would most likely have heard the first year Boss came out with the V plow.My feeling is that the blizzard looks like a reasonable option that is yet untested.In two years we will have a better idea how this plow actually holds up. In the mean time someone will be giving it a try.Hey maybe Western and Fisher will have to try and steal another companies idea again to stay in the game.


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Well actually diamond had the first v plow for light duty trucks. Geoof??
So boss stole it from them??
Anyway, the wings are still solid.
The blizzard has retractable wings that slide in and out. So tweak that outer section of the plow,what 1/16" and its all done. To many moving parts= downtime.
Shoot my western v has 8 solenoids. I am dreading the day it starts acting up.

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Dino i think ya mean Geoff not Geoff. But hey thats ok, i used to be Ge-off in high school.

Anyways, as far as i can remeber Diamond had the first v, i still see them around. Production stopped in 94, when the pull away arrived on the market.

The difference between the diamond v and todays, is the wings sloped up, like a true highway v-plow. Also there was more snow loss between the winges, because the rubber wasn't as good as what is in use today. However the plow weighed way too much, Diamond plows are built tough, their streight blades are the heavest in the industry, however the total weight is less than a comparable fisher. The reason is the diamonds mounting system weighs less than the minute mount, however the actual blade weigh much more.

Diamonds V's production ended with the creation of the pull away, and a change in pump and controll options. The other biggest reason is it was getting to heavy for even a 1 ton front end. I know the diamond v was in production from 1980 or 81 (maybe earlyer) to 1994.

When was the first boss built?



Stamford, CT
Saw the Blizzard Plow in person, Looks fancy but I don't know if I want to be the first guy on the block to own one. I think the concept sounds great but I am worried about the extra moving parts... more to break down.


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