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Saint Joseph, MO
I have read all the searches on Blizzard Plows but most pertain to the 810 scoop position type. I am considering the 8ft straight one. Wondered what anyone thought especailly any that have used the straight plow made by Blizzard? Thanks.

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Erie, PA
I have a sub using the Blizzard straight blade, without all the whistles and bells that have caused problems. He has not had any significant problems with it that might cause me to say not to purchase one. I've seen him operate it, and (while he IS a rookie and has alot to learn), the plow seemed to function well.


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When it comes to any plow, DEALER SUPPORT is much more important than plow color. Most straight plows are similar in design, and thus a good dealer will mean more than make of plow.
I spoke with a blizzard dealer today who also sells fisher, and he was straight forward about issues with both makes. Aside from a bad cross over valve on the blizzard retracting plow, his boss, who he claims is real hard on plows, has yet to bend anything.
So that is about as close as anyone has gottn to a testimonial for the blizzard plow.

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