blizzard plow on a skidsteer?

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I know some people are skeptical about these plows, but i was checking out there website yesterday and saw some clips of the plows in action on a skidsteer. To me it seems as though it might work in places such as home depot or lots where you need to make tight turns. mayb the plow isn't proven, but for some instances such as wet snow where a skidsteer with a pusher would get bogged down from the weight, one would have the option of windrowing the snow and using the wing option to do a cleanup. these videos were obviously done in dry michigan snow, but the one video of the blizzard clearing the sidewalk seems like a nice niche the plow has.

i think the plows would work better on skidsteers then trucks because of better turning, more compact

and here's a video of the plow tripping on a truck with the wings out, they have a relief valve


Any comments on them on skidsteers? i've already read other threads about blizzards and read peoples opinions.



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I think a pusher box or a Blizzard 810 (810SS) would be the best option. I know I am gonna get some flak on this.

I think the 810 (810SS) would work equally as well on a truck or skidsteer. But in a Home Depot lot, the Skidsteer would be my choice.

OK, so the plow isn't proven as far as some people are concerned. How long does one have to wait before they are considered proven?

You can be sure of two things once the majority of people agree that they are proven and sales take off, prices will go up, and they will be more strict on honoring warranty claims. If you take a chance on them now, you will get a better price than if you wait, and if you have ANY problems, I would bet that you could get some things covered under warranty that you won't get away with in the future, and will not now from the other major plow makers.

In my opinion, the 810 would be much more useful than even a V-plow in most cases. The exception would be a driveway with 24" of heavy snow. I think we all agree that nothing would beat a v in the full V position in that example. :)

The fact is, that the 810 gives you a scoop position that is much wider than a V in the scoop position. And a 10 foot plow when needed.

I expect a few people to really beat me up on this one, but I believe in progress and innovation. I don't settle for the same old way of doing things just because that is the way things have always been done. Some guys are happy with old trucks and old straight plows and are just now even considering V plows.

Blizzard will even allow you to "spread topsoil or grade gravel" which would certainly void a warranty on other manufacturers plows.

Yea they have more moving parts, but the truck you drive today has more moving parts and is more complex than a 20 year old truck.

As you can see, I don't just follow the crowd. If all you do is follow, you will never be in the lead.

So, Snow, do what you feel will be most efficient, because saving time is usually a wiser choice than saving a buck in your wallet. The dollars you save in time will add up every time you use it, but the dollar in your wallet will just sit there.

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I don't have a blizzard plow on my bobcat. However I have an 8' model on my bobcat. When you tag team a bobcat with a plow, and one with out. You can do a lot of driveways and fast. We have the bobcat with the plow, run ahead of the other bobcat. The first bobcat plows out the drive, the second comes in and cleans it up and stacks the snow. This set up work well for dealing with condo and townhouse parks. Where the driveways are generally a straight shot in. After they are all plowed, a big truck comes in to plow the main road and salt the drives. As both skid steers work to clean up the windrow from the big truck.


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