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Blizzard PH1 on 2018 F350


Junior Member
Holden, Ma
Just to settle some curiosity. Does anybody know or tried to mount a 2008-16 Blizzard Power Hitch 1 frame on the 17-20 Super Duty's. A friend of mine as well as myself want to swap our plow frames to our newer trucks.

I understand the new trucks have a completely different frame than the 11-16 but anything can be done with a welder. My town keeps ancient plows on new trucks every time the dpw gets a new truck. One of their trucks is a 2019 f550 and has a side plow from the 80's mounted on the passengers side.

Mark Oomkes

PlowSite Fanatic
Grand Rapids, MI
Well, not eggzactly but I have a PH1 on a 2014 RAM. There were no Blizzard mounts for this truck either.

So as you said, it can be done.

And then a year later I added an aftermarket bumber that necessitated further modification.


PlowSite.com Addict
Bethany CT
I will look Thur my photos. If you look under my posts there are pictures here of my 2012. We just put one on my sons 04 Chevy samething new truck mount using ph1 plow and wiring