Blizzard PH1 on 2018 F350

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    Just to settle some curiosity. Does anybody know or tried to mount a 2008-16 Blizzard Power Hitch 1 frame on the 17-20 Super Duty's. A friend of mine as well as myself want to swap our plow frames to our newer trucks.

    I understand the new trucks have a completely different frame than the 11-16 but anything can be done with a welder. My town keeps ancient plows on new trucks every time the dpw gets a new truck. One of their trucks is a 2019 f550 and has a side plow from the 80's mounted on the passengers side.
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    Well, not eggzactly but I have a PH1 on a 2014 RAM. There were no Blizzard mounts for this truck either.

    So as you said, it can be done.

    And then a year later I added an aftermarket bumber that necessitated further modification.
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    Blizzard,Bumper,Boss lights?

    Doesn't qualify as a BBB rating!
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    The answer is yes it can be done pretty simple! I have one on 2019,15 and 14 chevys. Using new truck side mounts and new headlight wiring
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