Blizzard **Owner's** survey


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Ok just trying stir things up;)

Please only answer these questions if you are the owner of a Blizzard plow... I just want to gather some feedback... (Thinking of a new business)

What are your control likes/dislikes?

What are productivy gains/losses?

What are your maintainence likes/dislikes?

What are your mounting/dismounting likes/dislikes?

What kind of problems have you had?

What is your dealer support like?

Would you buy another Blizzard?

How many/what models do you own?

What kind of improvements/changes would you like to see?

How long have you owned your plow?

How much operational time does your plow have?

How much did you pay for the plow? (installed or not?)

Anything else you can think of... as I JUMP headfirst into the fire...




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OK, I'll bite...

I have the joystick console control. I like the velcro mount, and it really works well. Some say it's too sensitive, I like the true "fingertip" control.

I can easily say I've boosted production by 20%. I've also reduced forward/reverse cycles on my truck which has to add life to the transmission.

Maintainence concerns: In order to replace a hose, sometimes a number of hoses must be removed from the manifold to get at the faulty hose. Things are a bit tight.

I don't think the mounting could be much easier, some retained hitch pins would be a nice feature.

I had the bolts that connect the angle cylinders to the moldboard frame break at the nuts, per Jerre Heyer they've changed this item to pins. I also blew a hose.

The dealer had the required hose in stock, I haven't had any other issues to test support.

Depending on the type of work, I would consider another Blizzard. I didn't get one for my Snowfighter because the added productivity of that plow would cut into revenues for that truck, it is paid by the hour. For contract and push plowing, the Blizzard is ideal.

I own one 810 which I bought in December '01, it has about 100 hours of service in 5 storms. I paid $4200 and installed it myself, the only improvement I can think of is the retained hitch pins I mentioned earlier.

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I'll try to answer the questions in the order you asked but some questions will not apply to my situation.

1. I think the whole concept of an expanding plow is great, my only dislike is the fact that when stacking the blade has a tendency to fold over unlike a trip edge design.

2. To soon to tell what the gains are.

3. Maintainance has yet to be a major issue since the plow is brand new, but draining fluid from, or removing the pistons on the wings looks a bit more involved than my Fishers.

4. Bobcat mount, don't have much choice in the mounting aspect.

5. Self inflicted.

6. Poor in my imediate area but I think it will be better about 10 miles from us.

7. Ask me in two years?

8. 1

9. My only suggestion or hope would that someday a trip edge plow can be fitted with the same technology.

10. 12 hours.

11. $3900 installed (a custom job).

Hope this helps with your decision :rolleyes: .