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    I am considering a new plow. I like the Blizzard design but, it begs the question. What if the wings get damaged - it seems like the plow would be very troublesome if the wings got damaged in the two premium models. And, how long has this company been manufacturing plows? There is no company history on their site.

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    Lance, Blizzard was founded by the Sons of the man who designed the Boss plows. They began production in 1999 with the 810. Douglas Dynamics (also own Western and Fisher) bought Blizzard about two years ago. I have looked at the Blizzard design for the past five years and just three weeks ago purchased a new 860 Speed Wing. I am very well satisfied with the support of Blizzard, the construction and design. In the past I've owned all of the big three and I can tell you from over 33 years of plowing, you can't go wrong with a Blizzard plow. Hope this is helpful in choosing your new equipment. Al
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    I have run a blizzard 8-10 since 2001 and I have just traded my first blizzard in this year for a 2007 model Now we are running 2 brand new 8-10 and love them blizzard make a fine plow and I would not have any other plow on my tucks. and soon I will have one on my skid loader.
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    good design but ive been havein some probs with the thing

    gose threw lots of cutting edges fast :nono:

    prob with bending skids ive gone threw 5 my self herd this from several of my friends i have :dizzy:

    dose not lift very high but dose rool snow up in piles pretty good

    and truck bottoms out way to often probly 4-5 times each event theres only 5" of ground clearence under the power hitch:realmad:

    id only get another one so the fleets the same or if i can get air bags for the front of my dodge 2500 hemi
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    oh yeah and ive already lost the main bolt that holds the mold bord to the a frame but some of the stuff can be fixed if the dealler payed closer attention to wht there doin
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    although i am a rookie at plowing commercially this is my 3rd year doing it. I have plowed each year with a different plow, meyer 7.5', western 8' and this year with a blizzard 810, the blizzard out performs the other 2 but there really is no comparison between the 3 . The one thng I have found out though is
    the best plow to have is the one that can be serviced LOCALLY...... If you can't get parts when you need them then the plow realy does you no good. Because if the plows not on the ground yer not makin any money $$$$$$$$
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    Mine is a 99, haven't changed the cutting edges in the three years I've had it. They look really worn down from the front, but when I looked at the backside of the plow I realized they actually have a lot of life left to them. I was going to repalce them until I saw that. I do about half gravel and half paved residentials, with only a couple commercials that happen to be gravel too, so I'm not putting much wear to the edges. At this rate they'll last forever. But I'm sure if I had any roads or big paved lots they'd need to be changed.
    This year I snagged a shoe on a curb backing up, and bent the little box it goes in. So I'm running without them until I can get them straightened and gusseted. Only money I've spent on it is for one angle cylinder, two angle cylinder hoses, two wing cylinder hoses, two O-rings between manifold and pump, one eye bolt to hold trip spring. A few gallons of ATF have been run through it, and a gallon of white rustoleum put on with a roller at the start of each season. Had a broken wire on the disconnect toggle switch.
    Overall I haven't spent hardly any money on it, and it's a very old plow that's been hammered to death, never get's washed and didn't cost me much. The only thing that was hard to repair was the wing cylinder hoses.
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    Forgot to mention my chief complaint with the Blizzard. Like everyone else will tell you, they are way too slow. I need to do some more service to it, figure out how to get at the screen that can supposedly slow the fluid, and dig out the manual to figure out how to adjust the drop speed. Mine lowers to the ground as slowly and gracefully as a professional parachutist. I want it to drop hard and fast like a Fisher, hit the ground hard enough to break through crust or packed snow and scrape it off. I don't think mine drops any faster than it lifts, which isn't real fast either. WIngs are slow too.
    That's about the only thing I don't like about my 810.
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    The key to Dan's dislikes with his plow is it's age. His plow is a 99 model. There have been several updates to the 810 since his was made. The hydraulic speed is just one of them. The wing cylinders are another. They used to have two cyl in each wing, one to extend the wing and another to swing the wing forward to the scoop position. The 810 now uses one cyl to do both functions... eliminating extra hoses, solinoids, valves, headaches etc. The drop speed is very easy to adjust. As Dan said, he is mostly satisfied with his plow attesting to the durability of the Blizzard products.
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    Dan, couple of updates to your plow will make it run like a champ. Your S5 and S7 valves need reworked / replaced and then you will need the restriction orifice for the drop speed. This should help lift speed also.

    If you still want to address lift speed then You need the 3/8 lift / lower hoses and fittings and while you're at it a larger lift cyl and that thing will work great.

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    we have been VERY satisfied with our's

    it is a 05' 86-11

    when i was setting it up i was playing with the drop speed and i had to slow it way down, i felt like it was kinda hard on stuff (cement included) when it was "free flowing"

    this fall i checked the screen's (nothing in them) and replaced the fluid with a synthetic ATF and it seems to work a little faster but it didn't have a speed problem to begin with

    oh. mine is NOT an "erie special" so i have no torch marks or nuts welded to it and it works FINE

    we plow 32 miles of road and several large lot's with it and the edges are still in great shape but the sticker's on it is starting to go away but that is from the 8 miles of gravel each event (we don't use the shoes either) and we aught to charge the township for taking the "crown" out of the road (lol)

    it stacks the snow just as high as any other plow i have, you just have to ram the pile harder

    on another note on stacking the snow......even if the plow dosent raise you can still stack the snow.....just ram it and let the plow slide under the pile
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    I've found the best way to stack with a Blizzard is to lift the moldboard as you approach the pile rather than RAMMING into it:nono:. This method allows you to stack much higher and is considerably easier on equipment and the driver. With a little practice... you will know just when to start raising your blade. Also this sets you up for backing up faster as your plow is already raised.:waving:
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    This happens and you should be checking this as normal PM on your plow. I haven't lost one yet, but have had several with loose nuts.

    Do a search, most of these topics have been discussed numerous times.

    Damaged wings are not an issue. I have 3 right now that have been bent for several weeks. If it ever stops snowing. They are all bent, but still work fine. We had one earlier that was bent to the point of not retracting. Really sucked having only an 11' plow to work with. Still angled forward and straight, so it was not an issue.
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    Do you think maybe you could give me and the guys some pointer's on how to run the blizzard's? oh........wait 3 weeks huh?:confused: well that's o.k. maybe we'll figure it out in a few years:rolleyes:

    most of the time when you ram a pile youre blade will lift a bit, wether it's on the ground or not.....and it's a good way to get youre blade hung up in the pile if you go into it rased.

    MARK: what bends the wings? curbs or something. our's has been hit pretty hard (you know, like for stacking snow;)) on man-hole covers and water main cover's and it seems to always trip the wing back into straight mode and trip the blade
  15. Mark Oomkes

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    PJ, should've clarified. The bent wings are on LoPros, not full size. We have had 1 bent wing on a full size. They are very heavy duty plows and well worth it. Same thing for that one though, it was repaired during the summer, did not affect usage at all.
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    Sorry PowerJoke, I've only been plowing for 33 years and ya know what? not one day goes by that I don't learn something:salute:. I have never in those years been stuck in any pile that I made by raising the moldboard up to stack the snow. Like I said before, with a little practice... you too can stack like a proxysport LOL
  17. abbert55

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    Sorry PowerJoke, I've only been plowing for 33 years and ya know what? not one day goes by that I don't learn something:salute:. I have never in those years been stuck in any pile that I made by raising the moldboard up to stack the snow. Blizzards are heavier than other plows and with the cutting edge attack angle as it is by nature they just won't ride up the pile as well... ya just gotta help em a little. Like I said before, with a little practice... you too can stack like a proxysport LOL
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    and you won't if youre doing residential's.....maybe someday you can graduate to commercial and do a large lot (and i am not talking about mcdonald's)

    my computer is down right now and i am on my wifes or i would show you some pic's of a 4-5acre lot stacked in one 15-20' high pile with truck' that what you mean by stacking like a pro?

    origional poster: have you made up youre mind on a new blizzard yet?
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    PJ, forgot to answer, mostly manholes, drain gates or the occasional curb will cause the wings to bend, even after the relief valve opens and the wing folds back.
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    PJ, you're takin this way too seriously man;)

    BTW... just how do you RAM a frozen pile to stack more snow on????
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