Blizzard of 2000 heading for Chicago

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by Eric ELM, Dec 11, 2000.

  1. Eric ELM

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    from Chicago
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    Looks like we have a goody headed our way. We could get up to 12 inches by midnight with 40 MPH winds, so it looks like a long day and night for me. :)
  2. BRL

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    What are you doing on line? Get to bed man, you've got a long night ahead of you! Good luck to you & the rest of our friends in the path.
  3. GeoffD

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    Stay safe man.
  4. finnegan

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    Don't forget to show old man winter who's really in charge!
  5. cutntrim

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    Eric: Looks like we're in for more of the same. We've got a "colorado low" tracking straight for us. Our winter storm warning is predicting snow in excess of 25cm and winds gusting up to 70km. When you're home asleep after yours, we'll be out dealing with ours. Good luck.

    I think I'll try to plow w/o the sling on my shoulder this time. I like to think I'm a quick healer, and it's too irritating to have zero use of my left arm. The doctor will be pissed, but hey, what are you gonna do?
  6. John Allin

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    Go get 'em, Eric and cutntrim...

    We're sittin this one out. Only rain in Erie. Little light snow Tuesday morning.

    See.... I DO share !!!
  7. HandyHaver

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    Hey John,

    When your done with Chicago, Iowa, & Canada, could you spare some out here in eastern PA???

  8. John Allin

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    OK... I've put you on the list....
  9. RB

    RB Senior Member
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    See if you could talk some of that snow to visit us in here in Pittburgh.
  10. matthew Urban

    matthew Urban Senior Member
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    don't forget us in mass.
  11. AB Lawn Care

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    Yep i'm up here with cutntrim and it looks like a bad one,Why i'm i still up???????
  12. HandyHaver

    HandyHaver Senior Member
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    about 4 inches of powder would be nice.............but I'll take whatever your willing to send this way.

    Thanks John,

    You da man...... Gonna go tell tiny Tim we can get him that operation now!!!
  13. John DiMartino

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    John,please send 3-6" sometime before Xmas,need some extra Xmas money,thanks.Address,lower NY.
  14. John Allin

    John Allin Addict
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    Ok, got it....

    I think we can accomodate most of you later this week.

    Stay tuned.
  15. DaveO

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    from Ma.
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    Hey John,

    While your at it, could you send me one of those Boss V's for my Ram too...Thanx

  16. John Allin

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    Don't push it... or there'll be no snow.
  17. Greenman2ooo

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    And thanks for the ice storm here. And some people question SIMA's benefits. :)

    Seriously, though. We have had the work with salting the last couple days. Not even an inch of snow, but lots of ice, drifting, etc.
  18. John Allin

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    I think most will tell you that there are much better margins in ice control than in snowplowing.... so, go get 'em with the salt/sand/magic/etc...!!!!!!

    I'd much rather do ice control every day, than plowing day after day after day. Total dollars are higher with plowing, but I like better margins more. As I've been told by many that are much smarter than me.... "take the margins over the volume".
  19. Alan

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    Salting, rough numbers

    To go along with what John just said, this morning I ran through my commercial accounts with salt. 12 stops, less than 4 1/2 hrs, including the time it took me to pick up salt yesterday. Right around $200 in salt & magic. That run generated $675 in sales. So with material out that's still a little over $100 an hour for a 5 yd dump. Not too shabby when you consider that tri-axle dumps only get $45/hr around here. Granted, nobody runs their tri-ax on roads covered with freezing rain, but no big deal in that, I LOVE driving on ice! :)
  20. OP
    Eric ELM

    Eric ELM Husband, Father, Friend, Mentor, Angel
    from Chicago
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    The weather guessers were right. :)
    We got 13" and had 40 MPH winds, so we had some drifts as deep as 3 feet on some driveways. We ended up plowing all 61 driveways twice and then we plowed out the drifts after the wind died down early this morning. I plowed from 10:30 AM yesterday until 5:30 this morning, so I got a work out. This staying up all night gets harder every year. :)

    The temperatures could drop to -10 degrees tonight, so I think winter is here and we will definatly have a white Christmas, since 3" of snow could drop tomorrow and more Friday too.