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Blizzard of 1977 from WBEN

Discussion in 'Weather' started by 2ExploreSnow, Jan 30, 2014.

  1. 2ExploreSnow

    2ExploreSnow Member
    Messages: 64

    Just happened upon this video tonight. A full coverage from WBEN in Buffalo, NY back in 1977. It includes scenes from various agencies and their responses, also includes the local ads.

    I suppose it can serve as a reminder for some to be prepared, at least at some level, for a major storm. I mean a real snowstorm, not the "SUPERSTORM of the Century of the Week" kind of coverage from some newscasts do for a few inches, in some regions of the US.


  2. GMC Driver

    GMC Driver Senior Member
    Messages: 740

    Thanks for that - pretty cool! Kevin O'Connell is pretty young there.

    That fella has alot of neat videos on his channel - if you're from Niagara or WNY, there's some old memories there.