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blizzard and western

Discussion in 'Blizzard Plows Discussion' started by orange toys, Jan 10, 2015.

  1. orange toys

    orange toys Member
    Messages: 76

    Ok I know that the same company is owns the 2 but do the Truck mounts and wiring interchange? I know that the plow mount will be different (the middle piece connecting truck and plow).

    Only reason for asking is I have heard that my blizzard dealer doesn't stock a lot of parts yet and there is a western dealer in the area too. So I might switch to a western at some point.
  2. bliz&hinikerDLR

    bliz&hinikerDLR Senior Member
    Messages: 553

    As long as you buy a brand new Western you won't have a problem. It has to be an UltraMount 2 straight blade. Any age year of Wide-out will also work.

    You know your Speedwing is pretty much the same as a Prodigy right?

    Oh yeah, the middle piece(s) are part of the plow ... so no problem there.

    Hate to see you go red ... but service is important. How has your Speedwing been for you?
  3. orange toys

    orange toys Member
    Messages: 76

    SpeEdwin was great the first season (last yr). This year we have yet to get anything to even go salt
  4. FIREMEDIC2572

    FIREMEDIC2572 Member
    Messages: 65

    I am in the same situation. Way easier to get to a western dealer. This morning I am going to a western dealer for a truck side power plug for my speedwing. With the new system and the solenoid on the plow side my positive female plug is nasty and corroded. Apparently I didnt keep it greased enough....
  5. docsgmc

    docsgmc Senior Member
    Messages: 346

    my truck side is all western .no problem at all