Blizzard 810 application


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I got the propoganda package in the mail from blizzard today - COOL STUFF, even a video CDrom.

I have a Chevy K2500 HD Duramax Diesel/Allison Tranny ExtCab, 6.5'box. LT package with plow prep.

The Blizzard 810 weighs almost 1K lbs. Is this too much for my truck?

What do you all think of this unit?

I may do some commercial work, but predominantly residential.

I've been a lurker for a while - NICE-n-HANDY site !!


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winterset iowa
Welcome to Plowsite:waving:

I think the Blizzard plows are becoming more popular with the guys/gals on the site.

Just wait I know there will be some good responses.

Mark K


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I did get there video on the blizard.But as good as it was did not answer the important questions.

1. Hook up an the un mounting of it.
2. maintence ont the unit changing fluid and other stuff.
3. And what about the extendable wings how do you fix it if it brakes and change hoses and fluid in them as well.
Those seam to be the most important ones i could think of off my dealer suport in the area.


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GM Guy, Welcome to Plowsite!:drinkup:

I've got the 810 myself, but have limited hours on it. I did give a report on it, you can review it here . On another thread , I posted photos and mounting instructions. They should help in your decision.

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Gm-guy, the blizzard is heavy.Is it to much?LEgally probably,you wouldnt know until you mounted it up,and crossed the scales with it.As far as the truck goes,im sure the truck will handle the weight,but front end wear will be higher,naturally.If it was my truck,id put it on,no question about it.I run a 980 lb Boss 9'2" V on my Ram cummins excab,its been fine,truck dont even squat more than an inch,I know im over the 5200 FAWR of my RAM,by about 300 lbs.


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Well saw and touched my first 810 today. NICE PLOW:D

It was on a GMC Long bed, regular cab 00 or 01 2500 (NON HD) with a FAWR of 4500.

I guess no probs for me, but one, they have one left in stock and no more till next summer :(

I might get it before it goes, but three others have looked at it in the past week.

$4700 installed, out the door.

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