Bleeding Hyd system on ST-90

Discussion in 'Meyer / Diamond Products Discussion' started by 4x4Farmer, Feb 14, 2008.

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    Im wondering what the bleeding process for changing the hyd fluid on a st-90. My buddy just bought the plow, but it had some water in the system and went to change it, but now he's having troubles getting the air out of the system. Thanks for the help.
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    The Meyer stuff isn't usually too tough to get the air out of..

    The easiest way to get the air out of the system after you have it refilled on a problem unit is to back the truck up a fairly steep driveway or stop on a steep hill so that the front of the truck is lower than the back and then drop the blade to the ground,raise the blade slightly until it's just off the ground.Angle the blade side to side several time's to work the air out of the cylinder's.

    Also a good idea to fully retract and the fully raise the lift cylinder a few times also.

    Their's a few good bleeding procedures over in the Western forums too. The parts are different but the procedure is basically the same.
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    yeah, i dident mess with it today, i was just talking to him about it. He said something about bleeding out the angle cylinders and having to fill them with new oil sepertaly from the pump. Guess all I have ever known is the newer boss ones, and there you just drain the resovor and fill it back up and your usually good to go.