Blade bounces/vibrates with little snow

Discussion in 'SnowSport®' started by rizzib, Dec 2, 2010.

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    Hello, my first post, I have a 96 Blazer with an 8' blade and the angle interceptor bought in 2009. It works great when there is a couple inches on the ground, but when there is less it bounces, even when I go slow like 1 mph. I'm thinking that it did not do that when it was new... so I'm going to try and rotate the rubber bottom to give it a new edge and see if that helps it.
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    Hey .I had the same trouble.I think its common with these rubber bladed plows.I have a 2"x60" ratchet strap that I use to apply more down force.Using this has pretty much got rid of the chatter I use to get.With the plow in the layed back(backing up)postion.One end (ratchet and hook)hooks to the top of the near(driver side)push frame upright--.You than thread the other end down ,in under the back of the push frame cross pc--,up and threw the guide(U shaped rod)bar--,over and down threw the other guide bar,--than drop the loose end down in front of the push frame cross pc and take the second hook and drop into the far upright.Pull the slack ,and tighten to where you think its going to put enough pressure down when the guides come up as you move forward.Its a trail and error thing really.I think you'll find this does the trick.Hope it helped you out.
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    Not sure which model snow sport you have, but one thing I found helpful on the HD's is to make sure the rubber pieces on the blade ends are not keeping the "cutting" edge from touching the surface. Stand your blade upright either on a garage floor or on a flat surface and see if you can see daylight under the cutting edge. If you can the side pieces need to be trimmed a bit. Every year I take those off and trim about a 1/8" off the bottom of them with my miter saw.
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    Thank you for the tie down method. I'll have to read it more carefully and I think I'll actually bring my tie down with me to a job site to give it a try. I did try and flip the rubber bottom but I had a tragic problem. Two heads of the self tapping screws broke off leaving the screw in there:realmad: I tried to drill one out but I gave up after 20 minutes of a broken drill bits and a crappy looking oval hole. I'm not sure how i'm going to get them out, but for now it will stay unflipped. It will be a problem I'll have to face when I have to replace the rubber.
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    I had too much weight in the back of my 4WD '93 Ranger. The weight brought the nose up and the plow would bounce with it. I took out the weight last week and it plowed much better. It cleaned down to the concrete, but will chatter a little as it skipped over the concrete.

    I've got a set of hold-down straps ordered to see if it will clean the concrete drive even better. I'll soon know.