Black Hawk VPlow 60"

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    Dad is thinking of selling his Black Hawk V Plow from ARPS Corp. of New Holstein, Wisc. It is model DL7 #1027. Cutting edge is 5 feet wide and it's about 4 feet high. It fit perfectly on the Myers plow frame on his CJ5 Jeep.

    Anyone have any insight as to value of this treasure?

    Jeep with VPlow.jpg
  2. mikes-plow

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    No idea on the value but i would love to see some more pics that is cool
  3. sweetk30

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    i say keep it. its paid for.

    later you would kick your self for sellin it.

    heck front yard with fresh paint job and make it hold the mail box even.
  4. OP

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    Appreciate the responses. Apparently Dad has had it as a "lawn ornament" long enough and would love to see someone get use out of this bad-boy workhorse of a plow. Again, if anyone can comment on a suggested asking price, we would appreciate it.

    Here's a set of actual current pics.

    V Plow 1.jpg

    V Plow 2.jpg

    V Plow 3.jpg

    V Plow 4.jpg

    V Plow 5.jpg