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karl klein

Senior Member
do you guys make up your own account sheets, or do you y some pre made or software if you by them what are they.

for seasonal acounts when do you collect the money

Mike Nelson

Senior Member
Naperville IL
Good morning Karl,
We have a lot of seasonal accounts.Most are set up to pay starting Nov.1 through Apr.1 They are billed by the first of each month and have 10 days to pay.Again most accounts are great,but had a few glitches with one.Threaten them with no Money,no service Can't believe how fast the check arrived.
As far as your question on forms,not sure what you need!We use Quick books for our accounting and invoicing.In the process of writing a program for keeping track of our snow accounts.

Mike Nelson

Senior Member
Naperville IL
Just wondering if anyone else has a program that they are using.
We are puting one together,but it is always nice to see what other guys are using.
What we do need is a program for maintenance records.I'm sure I could buy one,but which one?

4 Saisons

Senior Member
I would like to use lawnmonkey but no french version available, so I use microsoft office to manage my contracts and bills and i use another account software ( fortune 1000).



Junior Member
Billing for snow work

We bill out per storm the next day, that way we dont get calls saying they dont remember snow on that day ect- also we post the time of service (approx.) on invoice also we dont show previous work or balance-just the work and total for latest storm It works out really good checks are coming in constantly. Does anyone else do it this way?
we use a program called accountrix. every thing is scheduled in so its a matter of click and post. saves me alot of time. we also use it for the landscaping business.