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Well we did the work, kept up to the challenge very well. Now its time to collect, here comes the fun,the per push reidentials are not used to eleven plows in december. My worst year here was 21 plows. then comes the brutal fact that the contracts i signed for 21 estimated will possibly go over. Next year people will be begging for closed end contracts again. Any way you look at it this has been a very good year for plowing. jammin


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Okay, I have several personal accounts (residential), one of which is a long drive with a circle and a large parking area. I quoted a price of $100 per plow for the first plow, $50 each for each subsequent visit during the same storm, plus $100 per salt application and $15.00 for the front walk.

December bill was $775.00 just for this account. Others were much less.

Guess which check I got first...

Yes, the $775.00 one and I was worried that they would balk at the price. Thank god for signed contracts.

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