Bigger plow better?


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I have a question, just recently bought a 1986 k20 plow truck. I have a 7 1/2 and a 8' blade both in equal (ok) shape. I am going to keep on and sandblast and paint it but not sure which one. What is the big deal 6" bigger? Which should I use? The truck doesn't have and front end sag issues with either but I am not sure I would even notice a difference between the two.:(

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You'll probably want the 8'er. Reason is to keep your wheels in the plowed area as much as possible. Best way to figure it is to measured your wheel track width, then figure how much angle you can have before you're in the unplowed snow. Reason for putting 7'6"s on 1500s or 1/2 ton trucks is usually to hold down the weight. Like you said, this wouldn't be an issue.


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I've plowed with both an 8' and 7.5'. What you use might depend on how tight of an area you have to plow. If it's a larger parking lot... 6" makes a my wife says:D

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If you dont become over weight & sag, go with the largest one your customers will take.

If thay are wide open then bigger is better.
On small ones the small one will get get you in thoes tight spots.
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