Bigger Kage?

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    Hey Kristin,
    Any plans on making any wider versions of the skid steer models ?

    PS. This might be outside your knowledge but do you know if I was to widen a Boss skid steer plow to 12 feet and use the normal Kage brackets , would the 12 foot kage fit it or would I still need to modify the bracket works?
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    Sorry for the delayed response. For some reason all of these direct links were not notifying me of posts. I would email info@kageinnovation and I will pass it on to Mike. He would be the guy who can answer these questions.

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    email sent regarding 2014 winter
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    Got your email Steve! I replied just now:)
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    We used 2 of the 4 new kAGE plows we got this yr ,, one is a 10 foot on a Newholland skid , and a 14 on a 924k cat loader ,, we really like them its so nice to drop and go ,,, roads , parking lots , dead end streets , it was all super easy with this KAGE , We have been plowing for many yrs now and have used allot of diff plows and pushers , after using the new KAGE , Well I bought the outer 2 KAGE plows another,,, 14 foot for my Case 521 , with a JRB quick change and a 10 toof for my case skid , traded in 2 artic pushers I dont think I will be missing them