Bigger difference than I remebered

Maybe I'm rusty, or slow, but I sure did notice a big difference between my truck and the backhoe yesterday. I spent two hours plowing and ramping snow with the backhoe on one site. I'm sure I can outproduce the backhoe at least 5 to 1 with my vee plow. I chased windrows for almost half the time, and the lot was sloped, so the rigid bucket didn't even do a great job.

I'm now reserving the machine for ramping and loading snow only. There isn't enuf hours in the day to pull the levers in the B/H. I wonder how people who soley use these machines are able to make any money beyond their costs.

Kent Lawns Veteran
Yeah, no doubt.

Most of the ones I know of the guys run 12'-16' pushers on them. (Use the "1 step" down size of the ProTech)

True the backhoe doesn't have all the advantages of a front-loader and many backhoes (esp older ones) are 2-wheel drive.

I don't know what kind of V-plow you have, but I doubt it'd out-produce 5-1 a backhoe w/ a 14' pusher on it.

Deere John

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Nope, I'm sure it won't outproduce a 14' 5:1. I was merely commenting that our 2000 model Boss's will outproduce my '90 John Deere 4x4 backhoe with the standard front (1.25 yd3) bucket. The backhoe will outpush the trucks in heavy snow (duh), but it is slower and narrower. Out push and out produce are two different things.

We don't use the B/H for regular snow work, just loading and ramping. I do see guys here plowing with them on a regular basis and I can't figure out how they make much production. Very few snow buckets, letalone pushers on them. I have owned several B/H's over the last 9 years, and I have plowed plenty with them. I pity the guys that tackle sloped drives with 2wd machines - they should get frustration and danger pay.

And another important thing, the stereo in the B/H leave alot to be desired.

Kent Lawns Veteran
There was a trend here about 20 years ago where guys started were using farm tractors and excavation equipment, such as back-hoes and stated how much more productive they'd be. Said they could push way more, etc., etc.

I challenged them to a pull-off. 1st we tried on pavement, then gravel, then on slippery snow. Pick-up held it's own on all 3. Then we measured equal parts of a huge lot we do and said "go!" This advanced (for it's day) farm tractor (4x4 w/ loader attach - 'bout the size of a large backhoe) could NOT keep up with a 3/4T pick-up in normal plowing conditions.

The advent of the snow pusher changed all that.

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