Big Storm Coming!

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by Charles, Mar 20, 2001.

  1. Charles

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    The wind is Howling here in South Carolina. Poured down rain all nite. But the wind is severe and constant. If it travels up the coast it should be a great noreaster for you guys. This storm seems to have alot of energy and has had alot of time to develop. Just need cold temperatures. Its around 40 here now. I say we have 40 mph winds with 60mph gust.
  2. OP

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    This is a fierce storm. We have near blizzard conditions in parts of NC and SC and its heading north whether you like it or not LOL. I am sure we have wind damage aound SC. trees are bending to their breaking point
  3. Ben W

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    There calling for 1" to 10" for parts of WV.
  4. BRL

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    They're calling for 1" - 10" of rain here.
  5. Chuck Smith

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    See BRL, if we had Pro Techs we could work moving flood waters!

  6. torque20

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    IM HOOKING UP....just in case.

    im not getting caught with my pants down, last time they called for a blizzard and we had an inch, i"ll be ready.It is almost IMPOSSIBLE to predict what a low will do until about 50 to 75 miles away.SNOW DANCE ANYONE?
  7. 75

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    I'm wondering myself what effect (if any) this will have in my area. We've had a couple of real spring days here now with a lot of melting.

    Seems more likely this will bring rain up here, but I'm not going to rule out the possibility of a late March snowstorm either! Plow is ready "just in case".
  8. 4 Saisons

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    Melting you said..I just call the police about snow disparation. lol,

    in fact, yesterday i loose some snow andr getting some new grass, not a green golf the one how appearing are very covered of rock and sand...ouashhh...and the worst the salt and calcium, it think some front yard will be very damaged this years with all this blowing.

    I went to St-Hyacynthe, The home of our administrator PLSoucy, only 75 miles from here and a big difference about the snow cover, some area between there had lest than one foot on the ground.
    I was there for turf disease course and some one i never see before ask me about my vacation. don't understanding what he was talking about, he said "your suntan", my suntan, i got it from a hard winterworking, yes working with snowblower and shoveling walks & stair, Temps surely goes higher than 100 degrees in my suit, but i never dig enough to see a beach and bikini. South vacation nice dream...until i will be able to set a shutdown with mother nature.

    oh the tread, the nor'easter will not affect us a lot, no more than 6 inches and rain. with black asphalt now every were, plowing will probably not be needed, at least on res. I see a spot near the coast with moore precipitation, but don't know if beeing south will bring more rain or snow there

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  9. Grateful11

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    I just saw a snow plow owner on the news that said they were excepting a total of about 2ft in the Blowing Rock, NC area by morning. He said he was going to be out all night. They also said it was the biggest snowfall they've had this season.
  10. 66Construction

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    The weather guessers say there could be up to 6" of wet slush here. I'd take 2' of nice powder over 6" of slush any day. I knew this weathr couldn't last. We did a roofing job today, I didn't need more then a T-shirt. I guess I'll go get the plow in the morning, supposed to get some ice too...sounds like fun. This forecast will probably change 50 times before the storm is over on Thursday anyway!

    BRL 1-10" of rain doesn't 10" of rain transate into something like 100" of snow, too bads it's not a little colder. That much snow in one shot and I might be able to take the summer off.:D nah I'll get slush the kind that splashes in the window at me when I hit the pile.
  11. torque20

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    3" rain=2 1/2 'snow

    bumpershoots instead of blades
    got my s q u e e g y bolted on .
    lotta wet nor *easters comin up the pike.
  12. 4 Saisons

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    oupsssssssssss, looking the forecast before goimg to sleep and prediction had grown up to 16" for tomorrow. my wallet is happy these last 2 days of school need me to buy few books and i have 2 more weeks of 2 days in april. so I will change this storm in a storm of knowledge..