Big storm and I have to take off.


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My wifes boss has a winter place in the Balsams ( Northern Hew Hampshire) so she invites the family up for the weekend to go snomobiling and skiing. So my wife checks with me at the time now snow was forcasted, so I said sure lets go. As it is getting closer and there talking about all this snow, of course Im going crazy. My wife had been running around buying all the kids ski packages and all the other bull. So Im thinking how am I going to get out of this? My wife wouldnt hear of it this trip been planned your going, you guys know what it is like You cant p___ off the one who has a real job with benefits and a regular paycheck. So I finally agree and set out to hire trucks and drivers to replace me and my truck. All set. We leave, no cell phone no tv just snowmobiling and sking had a blast. Called one driver had just pulled another one of the trucks out of a snodrift, called again the cops had just left from him hitting a parked car in parking lot, called again he told me he knocked a pole down with a bird house on it in a yard of another driveway. Then last call, one truck had plowed into the garage of a customer trying to pull back the snow and couldnt stop. That was it came home early, told my wife never again.


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hopefully these arent family members, that way no feeling will be hurt when you tear them new a$$holes.

When you want something done right you do it yourself! plus you never call to check when you are on vacation, there is normally nothing you can do and it makes everybody miserable. just from my experience.

sorry bout the damage, who's insurance has to cover all that?


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I know exactly how you feel. A year ago I had my friend plow while I went to Florida with my wife and kids for ten days. It snowed almost everyday. He plowed my route eight times! He did okay except for tearing up some lawns. It was a miserable trip knowing what I was missing out on. Never again. That trip cost me a huge pile of $. And when I got back it didn't snow for two weeks.

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