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Big Snow Coming To Md

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by smcunningham, Feb 8, 2007.

  1. smcunningham

    smcunningham Member
    Messages: 69

    Thay say maybe 12+" of snow atleast 6" coming monday night into tuesday....Big storm coming acoss the country ...........supposedly the wheather pattern is changing

    I know 12" is not a lot to some .............. but this season..so far its like a blizzard to me
    anybody here anything about this storm coming
  2. tjlands

    tjlands Senior Member
    Messages: 579

    Wednesday, February 07, 2007
    Severe Winter Storm possible early next week

    Well, the clipper that could....did...and we got 1-3 inches I called for. The Cold Wave is probably the most talked about story in the news right now besides the nutty Nasa Astronaut. Next week, Snow could steal the headlines. So lets get on with it.

    There is the potential next week for a Winter Storm to drop historic amounts of snow on us early next week. Amounts could be in the 10-15 inch range in what could be a paralyzing snowstorm for the Southeast and Mid Atlantic. The model support is high. Now with that being said...its still 6 days out and plenty can go wrong. The main fear I have of not getting the storm is that the storm track currently modeled changes and gets suppressed due to the push of the arctic high being so strong that it keeps the main bulk of precip to the south. I am not really worried about cold air not being in place as the models shows a Classic High pressure in Southern Canada that will supply us with fresh cold air as the storm cranks. The arctic high pressure is essential and is present in almost 95% of all memorable snowstorms. The subtropical Jet stream should provide plenty of moisture as it attacks the cold air.

    Right now, the models have the DC metro area being the bulls eye which is very scary 6 days out. So again, this is a major threat right now but again...you have no idea how much has to come together to get a storm like Im describing. There could be additional winter storms in the next 10 days but we will worry about that later. Right now, if your north of Allentown up to New England, there is doubt about how far north the snow can go.

    If things pan out, this could be called the Valentines Day Blizzard of 2007
  3. DeereFarmer

    DeereFarmer PlowSite Veteran
    Messages: 3,296

    Maybe it will blow up and the whole Eastern 1/2 of the US can get 10"+.
  4. blk90s13

    blk90s13 PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,157

    i am hoping NJ will get a share of this
  5. pinepointe

    pinepointe Senior Member
    Messages: 102

    I will believe it when I see it. We had about 2.5" yesterday so I have officially plowed three times this year. Lets hope for 2 feet plus

    Good luck to all of you on the east

    JPMAKO Senior Member
    Messages: 660

    We ain't had SHEET.

    I am tired of salting and hope to see some white stuff sometime this season.
    Three days ago I got the shop cleaned up, took the plows off of two trucks and put them behind all the scapin equipment. Hopefully the snow God's got the message...:mad:

  7. smcunningham

    smcunningham Member
    Messages: 69

    accuwheather meterolgist say possabilty of three back to back storms w/ 12+ of the white stuff for each of the three all with in a 8 to 10 day time period ...........w/ the last of the three being the biggest................maybe the snow gods got the message...........we'll seeeeeeeeeeepayup payup :eek: :eek:

    CARDOCTOR PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,312

    the weather peeps cant even get the weather for the next day correct .lets see what happens . ill be getting ready this weekend.

  9. mike33

    mike33 Senior Member
    Messages: 335


    I think i met you at PMC yard last summer.
  10. tjlands

    tjlands Senior Member
    Messages: 579

    Time: 6:00 PM

    Significant to Major Snowstorm, Likely Late Monday into Wednesday

    The First Significant/Major Snowstorm of the season to impact much of the Mid-Atlantic Region into portions of New England from late Monday into Wednesday.

    The hardest Hit areas will be Central and Northern VA, much of MD, Eastern PA, NJ, and DE, and possibly into Eastern Portions of New England. These areas could be looking at 6" to 12" amounts with some areas receiving over 12". New England lesser amounts for now.


    All ingredients for a Significant to Major Winter Storm, are now coming together, for much of the M/A States and portions of New England, as we head into the early and middle part of next week.

    The Upper Level pattern continues to support a trough over the Eastern US. As an East-West oriented or lobed P/V (Polar Vortex) positions itself north of the Great lakes into Quebec Canada (SE Canada). The P/V will continue to allow a cold West and NW flow of air over the M/A and NE Regions.

    A very large and strong High Pressure system, will be draped across the Canadian/US border from the Upper Plains into the Great Lakes early next week, as high pressure slowly builds Southeastward from Central Canada over the weekend. The combination of this High pressure system to our NW, and a lobed P/V to our North in SE Canada, will allow a cold air supply too continue from The Northern Branch as we head into Next week.

    The Southern Stream or Sub Tropical Jet (STJ) will begin to open up, and low pressure will develop near Texas on Monday. This southern stream will position itself from the Southern Plains, east to the M/A coast. It now appears the Northern and Southern Branches will phase in the east, as a shortwave Vortmax enters the picture, and slides eastward.

    At the surface low pressure will begin developing near Texas on Monday then move eastward to the Tennessee Valley on Tuesday. Precipitation will develop out ahead of the system on Monday and snow will develop over the lower Ohio Valley into WV and VA Monday afternoon and night. As the S/W enters the picture, the surface low will move east to the Carolina coast on Tuesday, and begin to slowly intensify as it reaches the Coast. Snow will spread into the entire M/A region and could become heavy in much of VA. but later in the day, and during the evening towards DCA and PHL.

    By Wednesday morning, the low should be off the NJ coast and begin Deepening quite rapidly as phasing is well underway. The New 12Z Euro is now suggesting the storm moves Northeastward up the coast and brings moderate to heavy snowfall for portions of Eastern New England. Other models such as the 12z GFS are moving the storm ENE and out to sea. This scenario would bring lighter snow only to SE New England. This is the biggest uncertainty at this time. Most models are in strong agreement that The Mid Atlantic States get the brunt of this storm. I'll be doing a final call and discussion with a detailed Snowfall map, Sunday night or Monday on this Storm.

    For now here are "My Preliminary" 1st Call Snowfall Estimates for some selected Cities and Areas.

    In Virginia:

    LYH/ROA: 8"-12"
    CHO/DCA: 8"-12"
    RIC: 4"-8"

    In MD/DE/NJ

    BWI/ILG: 8"-12"
    South Jersey and all of DE: 8"-12"

    In PA:

    PHL: 6"-10"
    LNS: 4"-8"
    RDG/ABE: 3"-6"

    In NY and New England: (Very Questionable)

    NYC: 3"-6"
    Southeastern and East Central New England: 3"-6"
    BOS: 2"-4"
  11. DeereFarmer

    DeereFarmer PlowSite Veteran
    Messages: 3,296

    I would be happy with 2" right now!:drinkup:
  12. blk90s13

    blk90s13 PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,157

    yea that would make me a man too :nod:
  13. DodgeRam1985

    DodgeRam1985 Member
    from Ohio
    Messages: 82

    We are on the very edge of the storm here, so I'll be happy with 2-3", but man more than that sure would be nice payup Good luck to all you guys, and lets hope this one packs a punch!
  14. makplow

    makplow Senior Member
    Messages: 242

    If i where you my friend I would get prepared and follow the weather because I have a feeling Maryland is going to have a decent storm. !2 inches is no sloutch storm either. It can paryalize a metro area for a day or two!!

    Have fun and good luck,

  15. smcunningham

    smcunningham Member
    Messages: 69

    I'm ready

    Just finished putting new H.D. upper and lower ball joints in my f150 both sides up front. + New wheel bearings and..........well basically the whole front end got all new bushings bearings..........It needed it...........not just because of the storm coming.........but that helped justify to the old lady 400.00+ worth of parts and a day in the shop.....either let it snow like h**l payup or let spring come so I can get back to mowing.........payup

    Good luck to everyone and happy pushin:waving:
  16. DeereFarmer

    DeereFarmer PlowSite Veteran
    Messages: 3,296

    Hahaha... Got me there.:D
  17. mike33

    mike33 Senior Member
    Messages: 335


    Hey, give me a guess of wetern maryland
  18. smcunningham

    smcunningham Member
    Messages: 69

    Hope we get 2 feet I'll settle for a footpayup
  19. GTMS

    GTMS Senior Member
    Messages: 101

    Mike, Just where is it that you get your weather info? I have searched for total estimates and can't find a darn thing yet.
  20. smcunningham

    smcunningham Member
    Messages: 69


    GTMS go to accuwheather.com and when the hme page comes up in tha center it will say related links click on V-blog Update on possible blizzard