big problem


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I purchased my new 8' 2 vee this year. From the start I have had problems with my dealer.

I was told they had one of last years plows left and gave me a pretty good price. I was told it was a demo that they had on one of there trucks for shows.

I asked to see the plow the day they were going to install it. I was told " We have to dig it out. It's in the back somewhere. " I thought nothing of it and handed them a cheque for over $7000.00 CND

They had trouble installing the plow and needed to keep the truck another day so I went to get some stuff I needed out of my truck. I saw a plow in the shop that the edge was rusted and you could tell it was used but never thought that was my plow.

After everything was installed I went to pick up my truck and couldn't believe that they put that used plow on my truck. I only saved $500.oo because it was "last years model"

They spray painted the cutting edge and the corners where round on the edge so I could tell it had plowed before. There was no Boss sticker on it. The mold board had scratches. The top of the cylinder was all rusted and there was rust under the lights.

I asked them if this plow was used and 3 different people told me "NO"

One person however did say it was used to clear there lot last year.

I said I wanted to pay the extra money for a brand new plow and the said they couldn't do that but that they would change the cylinder and would give me a good deal on a salter if I wanted to buy one.

I have used this plow twice. I have been very impressed by the speed of the plow and how much time it saves.

Now to the big problem with the plow.

After plowing the last time (Jan 31, 2002) I noticed the edge on the right side of the plow looked like it was dented and twisted.

A friend of my told me sometimes the bolts snap and can cause this to happen. I didn't really care because that wasn't to expensive to replace.

After further exam of the plow I notice the left side of the plow was bent and twisted forward. On the back of the plow two welds are broken and a metal piece from the left side to centre piece one the bottom is snapped in two.

I took it to the dealer and they said "You must of hit a pole in the scoop position." and "These plows are designed like that."

I did not hit anything in the scoop position. I hardly used the scoop.

Last time out however, I was pushing a pile of snow and almost went through the windshield of my truck. The blade was in the straight position and did not trip. I hit a lip from where the ashpalt meets a side walk in the entreance of a school I plow.

They took some pictures of it and said they would e-mail them to boss. That was almost a month ago and I heard nothing back from them.

I called them on Friday and was told they are still working on it.

I was wondering if you have heard of this happening to your plows before?

Thank you.