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Big Cat

Discussion in 'Equipment, Tools & Vehicle Pictures' started by Dynamike, Nov 7, 2003.

  1. Dynamike

    Dynamike Junior Member
    Messages: 19

    Cat 5130 Excavator with 14 c.y. Bucket and Cat 777 Rock Truck

    5130 picture.jpg
  2. Radguy

    Radguy Member
    Messages: 72

    :dizzy: Photoshop That's just some Tonka toys up close:dizzy: J/K

    Nice pic:waving:
  3. BWhite

    BWhite Senior Member
    Messages: 496

    and it not even a 797

    The operator look so small
  4. Dynamike

    Dynamike Junior Member
    Messages: 19

    Cat Pic

    I took that picture at work last fall. The Company I work for has two of these 5130's. This Job was a big one almost 11 million yards. I am the blaster on the job. It is my job to make sure that cat has enough to eat!
  5. Dynamike

    Dynamike Junior Member
    Messages: 19

    My Cat

    My cat isn't quite as big as the ones at work.

    cat 6.jpg
  6. speedracer241

    speedracer241 Senior Member
    Messages: 325

    Got to love a cat, big or small:D

    Nice pics,
    Mark K
  7. eatonpaving

    eatonpaving PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,071

    i wish cat made trucks, just think.:drinkup:

    3500 tenn..jpg
  8. JCurtis

    JCurtis Banned
    Messages: 862

    Sweet NOVA:D

    same color as the one I used to own, but mine was a 74
  9. myo

    myo Senior Member
    Messages: 193

    Look like fun:D