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Bidding Parking lots

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself to the Community' started by Oompa, Nov 25, 2009.

  1. Oompa

    Oompa Junior Member
    Messages: 7

    Does anyone have a true way of bidding parking lots? Do you take the square footage and figure out how many sqft a 50pnd bag covers? Or is their a easier way to just look at it and know how long it will take to plow and how much salt it takes. SOme guys here are just doing time and material but alot of these customers want a estimate of time and how much material. THanks
  2. Wayne Volz

    Wayne Volz Senior Member
    Messages: 694

    we have what you are looking for

    check out www.profitsareus.com to see a snow & ice management bidding package that has exactly what you are looking for. You will see this on our home page.

    You can also reach us at 495-1351.
  3. snow tender

    snow tender Senior Member
    Messages: 134

    The plowing try to figure how long it will take and figure your plow price from that. The salt can be anywhere from 12-18 lbs per sqft. Depends on day or night and temp.
  4. hydro_37

    hydro_37 PlowSite Veteran
    from iowa
    Messages: 3,790

    Prices vary by area.
    Your costs are different then someones elses.
  5. 2COR517

    2COR517 PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 7,115

    That's quite a bit of salt. I think you mean 12-18 lbs per thousand sq ft
  6. FordFisherman

    FordFisherman PlowSite.com Addict
    from 06611
    Messages: 1,613

    Labor+Material+Overhead+Profit=Price. Overhead will vary greatly between contractors. Chances are if your potential customer has not secured a snow removal service this late in the game, they are looking for the cheapest price they can get. Good luck.
  7. APLC

    APLC Senior Member
    Messages: 206

    Yep if they are still looking for a contractor then they are one of few things
    1. cheap
    2. to much of a hassle
    3. want to much for nothing (USM) ha ha ha

    good luck good bidding comes with time :nod:
  8. Brant'sLawnCare

    Brant'sLawnCare PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,756

    I usually figure plowing about an acre per hour. Could be more, could be less depending on the layout of the lot. Google earth is a pretty decent tool to use, but make sure the lot looks the same in person. Also a measuring wheel works nice.
  9. cretebaby

    cretebaby PlowSite Veteran
    Messages: 4,162

    Ooooh, good catch.
  10. Deco

    Deco Senior Member
    Messages: 453

    who what where when how? each lot is unique