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we've been working as subs for some large snow removal companys and now have equipment and manpower to go after our own commercial contracts.we're interested in malls large complexes etc.Desparatly seeking info and guidelines on how to safetly and intelligently bid these jobs.please help!

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Hi Cody, welcome to Plowsite!

Regarding your question, I can't offer any info on the bidding process (I'm working as a sub myself) but you mention "been working as subs for some large snow removal companys", if you have subcontractor agreements with those companies, do they include non-compete clauses?

Just don't want to see you get into "hot water" with anyone when bidding.

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There are many great posts about bidding from the last few years that will help , and you can use the search to find them.

The biggest factor to bidding is estimating the time involved on a facility you have never done before. ITs tough untill you get some experience. When you have your time figure, then you can obviously multiply it by your hourly wage needed and you have a start.

Just remember to bid it as if you were going to hire a sub such as yourself to do the work, and you as contract holder still need to make a profit over that and cover your fixed costs such as insurance, etc.

No easy formulas for this.

Read lots of advice from the PROS on here, and at SIMA. I've learned 20 years of snow removal in the last couple years here at the computer.

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