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Bidding a job

Discussion in 'Bidding & Estimating' started by grasscutter07, Sep 29, 2008.

  1. grasscutter07

    grasscutter07 Member
    Messages: 33

  2. grasscutter07

    grasscutter07 Member
    Messages: 33

    bid help

    I have never bid anything of this caliber so I am in the dark on this. Also what if any other equipment should I use
  3. grandview

    grandview PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 14,609

    What equipment do you have first.
  4. grasscutter07

    grasscutter07 Member
    Messages: 33

    Chevy 1500 6.5 diesel with 8ft snowway, Dodge 2500 boss 8'2" v plow, 26" snow blower honda rancher with 48" blade, Pro flow 2 spreaders on both trucks, and a tow behind for atv
  5. salopez

    salopez Senior Member
    Messages: 876

    If you are unsure of this lot...walk away.

    You need allot more equipent...especially spreaders. you definately need something that can spread bulk material. you will go through 6-8 tons a storm min. Thats allot through a tailgate spreader!

    loaders would make life much easier...atleast 1 backhoe and 3 skid loaders with pushers and buckets.

    then you could use more trucks.

    then there is the sidewalks....

    good luck
  6. grasscutter07

    grasscutter07 Member
    Messages: 33

    the drives are only wide enough for 2 passes in a truck i think. I thought the atv would make the walks go pretty fast I could get a bulk speader or 2 if needed and I have access to a skidsteer. Just thought this would help my business out,This is the second winter that I have plowed for myself I dont have any knowledge of how to bid something this big. If I had the proper equipment what would I bid this at ? Any help is greatly appreciated
  7. grandview

    grandview PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 14,609

    I think even if you get the bid you'll be overwhelmed when the snow falls . Most of the time you only get to bid one place and plow it and if you mess it up they won't take your bid the next time.
  8. smoore45

    smoore45 Senior Member
    Messages: 526

    I have a lot that is 7 acres and I will be using a bulk spreader, two trucks and a small loader. Your lot is over 3 times this size!

    I'll offer up some advice. This has been stated many times on this site, so if you do a search you should find a lot of info: 1 Acre per Hour with a truck and standard blade. Figure out how much you think your trucks are worth an hour and also what they are capable of(i.e. V plow more efficient than straight blade). This can range from $65 to $125 depending location, difficulty, type of equipment, etc. Salt is a crap shoot this year because prices are so wacky. Some people are getting it for $70 a ton, others twice that. I would give a per ton price applied, but you are on your own for figuring that out. I believe someone said 6-8ton and that sounds about right for your job. For sidewalks I try to figure out how long it will take me with X man hours and X equipment hours and go from there. You should already have in mind how much you would be paying someone to work for you and you can figure between $30 and $45 an hour for the ATV.

    Just be careful, this is quite an undertaking for someone only plowing for two years. Good luck.
  9. grasscutter07

    grasscutter07 Member
    Messages: 33

    the whole area is 25 acres but I think the drivesand stuff would take about 4-5 hours roughly plowing now I could be close or way off I have no idea I know that after I did it a time or to that my time would go down some I really just wanted it for lawn care but its a package deal so I am trying to get it all. Also the company has 3 other complexes that would be nice to get they bid them seperatly but are talking about having 1 company do them all. Thank you guys for all your help
  10. lumps

    lumps Senior Member
    Messages: 365

    As a side note, I didn't know anyone made a 1/2 ton truck with a diesel?
  11. grasscutter07

    grasscutter07 Member
    Messages: 33

    yeah chevy early 90"s 6.5 turbo diesel at first I thought that someone put it in there but you can get parts for it at autozone or advanced auto parts.