Bid Request - I'm being set up again in the month of June

Hi again. The phone rang yesterday to request a quote on plowing a small road system with 6 houses. All but one of the houses have their drives done too, and all contribute to the road. I have done it in the past (6 years ago) and as far as I know, they have a different contractor each and every year. It wasn't bad work - I easily earned my target rate here.<br> Here's my question. It seems that each year about this time, when I least expect it, I get requests for quotes (usually full-service requests) and I oblige with a prompt, written quote. My batting average for these June quotes is 1 and 9 for a November start, but 3 of the 9 have called in February in various years requesting to be picked up for service when the other guy became unreliable. How should I quote this work at my rates at this time of year without giving them the ammo they are (really) looking for to seek a less expensive contractor?? They will not commit in June, but I want to work on that part. <br> These requests burn my bottom - they are one small step higher up the ladder than phone-only solicitations. (I never tell the competition my rates over the phone - - bad for business). Your thoughts and experiences would be appreciated.<p>John<br>

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Put a &quot;drop dead&quot; date in there. If they don't get on by such-and-such a date either make your quote invalid or add a percentage. If you add a percentage and they call in Feb. you can at least get more out of them for the hassle of p[icking htem up in mid-season.

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Exactly! I always put in a clause in any bid that says the bid price is good for 30 days. Lot's of things can change at a site over time and if a customer decides to finally do a job months down the road you have the option to adjust prices accordingly. To expand on what Alan wrote, give a &quot;positive&quot; signing within a certain time discount, instead of a &quot;negative&quot; you took to long, now it costs you this much more approach. If it is a profitable job you can probably work those numbers to sound good to the customer.<p>----------<br>Bill<br>Big River Landscaping

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Thanks for your help - Dino too for the phone call. I went out to see the representative and did just what was suggested. He has 1 week to let me know &quot;so I can ensure he gets the service he requested a quotation on&quot;. We'll see now. I still think he is going to play my rate against the rate of the bondo-bucket drivers and I'll look like a crook. Ho Hummm<p>----------<br>John<br>


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When some calls looking for a quote I say all full<br>Most times they will switch on you next year<br>I want long term work with the same customers<br>I find it better so serve 25 customers will all the work rather than 100 customers with small jobs

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