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Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by Snow Pro, Nov 2, 2000.

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    We're used to bidding small and medium sized properties. Can any of you guys tell me in your experience how to bid 18.4 acres of asphalt (plowing area, not including building). It's one big warehouse in the middle and all the pushing will be away from the building. Not a lot of Mickey Mouse in and out stuff, and no obsticles in the way.

    I'm looking for any help on how much time for different sizes of blades, equipment or on pricing. Does anyone have a per acre charge? On the lots we do, we just count parking spaces.

    Also, for you guys that use Pro-Techs, what hourly rate do you get for different size pushers?
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    I do one 10 acre lots with 1 16' pusher, and one truck. This lot has a lot of stuff to work around. I would think that if the lot is wide open, then one loader with a bigger pusher, maybe even the 24' would do the job. I am sure NY snow pros could tell you better than i can.

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    we do a seven acre lot and takes 9 truck hours (4 " snowfall). We do a 4 acre lot it takes 5 truck hours(4 inch snow) we do a two acre lot it takes 1.5 hours. We get $115 per truck hour. We only use 3/4 and 1 ton trucks.
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    If you like feel free to call me about time and equipment on your site.I can tell you we do not charge by the hour for pusher boxes.I dont feel real comfortable telling you specifics on this site as i am seeing competitors in my area popping up on this board,so if you want to call me i would be happy to try to help you in anyway i can.845-485-4200.
    John P