Beyond the Weather Channel

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I use Weatherbug, too. Altough I am getting irritated with all the updates that take so long to load. That and the ads.


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I use the NWS website, and when we have snow I print out the forecasts (so I can go back later and see just how wrong they were). They also have a "forecast discussion" document, which is full of weather jargon, and it seems is more of a 'between meteorologists' thing, but it gives you an idea of why they're forecasting what they are.

For real short term precip. information I use Intellicast's radar display. I have the Dayton, Ohio page bookmarked, because it'll show what's going on all the way back across Ohio, and I rarely need to know what's going on much east of here, the weather almost never comes from the east. (It's also really helpful to have someone here at home to actually look at the computer for me--that laptop with the cellular connection is still somewhere in the future.)

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Millenium weather (sp?) I only care when theres a storm brewing!

Weather underground is the same as the NWS site but with all the fancy graphics. NWS site gets you the info an hour earlier than weatherundergtound.

You guys who use weatherbug, do you realize that app snoops your cookie files and makes its money selling your info to advertisers and spammers???


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Cookies can only be read by the servers that wrote the cookie.

It may be able to monitor which sites you visit though. Although I don't think they would push the pricacy laws that far.

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I've been finding that Accu-weather is anthing but Accu-rate...;) I use the National weather Service website and compare that to one of the local news stations (the NBC affilliate). The Weather Channel uses the same text on their local forcasts as the NWS (on TV) but on their website it is usually different.:confused: I usually average what everyone is saying and go from there. I like spontinaety anyway, so as soon as I measure two inches in the driveway, I'm out the door.:D

Lol west Mich guys tonight...


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I use several sites

I use several sites. It seems no one gets it right all the time and I like to view the radar animations. Depending on the type of radar (and their mode and sensitivity settings) the radar images can vary widely between sites. When things are critical, I gather all the information I can and then "average" things out. I tend not to believe sites who show me that it is raining heavy and then look out the window to see sunshine. I figure that into my average.

Some sites I use:
Wunderground (via
Local television sites that have radar on their sites
NWS info from local airport
Reporting data from highway dept. district reporting stations

I will be watching things closely tonight to see it we get the freezing rain they have been scaring us about. I would really like to be out and pre-salt if things look for sure.

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I keep my eye on several. Accu-Weather (detailed radar) and 15 day forcast(good for about 3 days....LOL), Intellicast for the "Color" rader and local t.v. station on-line rader.

After watching all of these, I call my foreman and get his personal forecast. He is usually right, I have lost many lunches to him!