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Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by Psyclopse, Dec 14, 2000.

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    After Market Snowplow Company from Rehoboth, Ma.

    My apartment complex was going to buy a used plow from them (this is the company that I considered buying my plow from a week or so ago). We knew the shipping was going to be high, and there is an additional $100 charge to crate it up. The crate charge is a bit high IMO, but it was acceptable to the apartment complex. So, we are talking $350 just to ship the thing to us not counting the cost of the plow. I called them and said we were interrested, and I needed to know what forms of payment they accept and how long to expect for delivery.

    The guy I talked to on the phone couldn't answer any of the questions I asked, and instead of handing the phone over to his boss, he would cover the phone speaker and repeat my questions, one at a time, to the boss. Well, he didn't cover the phone well enough, and I could hear the boss rambling on about "more important customers" and using the F-word every other word. The unknowledgeable guy comes back on the phone, and gives me an estimated price for shipping- after I already asked for an actual rate.

    I am about to ask about how long I will have to wait, and someone else comes into the room and tells him to put the phone down for a minute and help move a plow indoors. Keep in mind I am calling long distance from Indiana to Mass. and I am paying for the call. He comes back on and I ask about how long it takes to ship (this is where he covers the phone and asks his boss). I here the boss in the background- "We don't have f***ing time to send a f***ing plow to some idiot in Indiana right now, tell him we can't even crate it for shipping until sometime after Christmas, and that's only if he sends the f***ing check to us today. Tell him we are too busy installing plows for our real customers." The guy comes back on and relays the info to me, only in a nicer way.

    During the entire phone call, someone is beating the heck out of a plow with a sledgehammer, making it hard to hear.

    So, I have to ask, aren't phone customers in other states as equally important as walk-ins, if they are willing to pay your asking price? Heck, I am paying them an extra $100 that a walk-in wouldn't just to crate it. If they advertise on the internet and on the phone they brag about where all they have shipped to, they should be willing to treat me as equal as other customers. If I am paying as much for the shiping and crating as what I am paying for the product, they should think of me as important too.

    I'm glad I got mine elsewhere, now I have to search for another place to get one for the apartments. We should have a forum just to expose bad businesses.
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    The man doing the swearing was the father of the owner most likely. I think they are over priced anyway.
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    Psyclopse, I did a "search" for After Market Snowplow Company in Rehoboth, MA. Response was: No listings for "After Market Snowplow Company" were found in "Rehoboth,
    MA". We expanded your search to find listings within 25 miles of your search location but were still unable to locate any businesses..

    Maybe you were luckier than you thought?

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    Call Central Parts Wharehose or on the web at

    Although I never purchased anything from them, I have talked to several people there over the phone and by e-mail.

    I had several questions about parts when I was considering buying a used plow off of a different truck than mine.

    Everyone was very cordial and knowledgeble. They sell complete plow packages at very reasonable costs. Plus they are alot closer to you (IL) :)

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    If you want to see their site for yourself, the address is

    I guess I should have known better to continue trying to do business with a company that answers their business phone with "hello?" without saying anything else.

    Anyone know of a used plow dealer in or near Indiana?
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    I wonder if they would be interested in viewing the really bad publicity they're getting here? I'd like to hear their defense. No reflection on you intended, Psyclopse, I just always like to hear both sides. At the least, I would think there is likely to be some serious "training" -- soon.

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    Hats off to you for staying on the line as long as you did. If it were me, knowing my patience level, I would not have got my full minutes moneys worth on that toll call.
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    Psyclopse, Their is a company in Greenville Oh "Mr PLow" that deals in used plows All the prices that I have seen seem fair but I have not purchased one from them and they are closer then Mass. Good Luck
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    Sounds like you caught them on a bad day. The guy talking to you on the phone was probably Steve's(the owner) father. They are basically a two man show, with a LOT of inventory/knowledge. The dad usually handles the phone calls.

    I have done repeated business with them, and can't say enough good about them. Steve was the ONLY person in my area who took the time to answer my ??''s AND knew what he was talking about. He is open 7 DAYS a week, and has told me to call ANYTIME if necessary.

    Unfortunately there is NO excuse for the service you received. I will relay this to him the next time I talk to him. As for answering "hello", you are calling their HOUSE in Seekoonk , he is still working on the business location in Rehoboth.

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    I wouldn't buy anything from someone that gives me an attitude. if they're being jerks and acting like your a no-one, then don't do business with them. you shouldn't put up with that crap. I've heard some bad stuff about them to begin with, and their high prices and lousy customer service doesn't make it the place to buy from.
    DaveO- if you heard them cursing and saying they didn't want you business , the response Psyclopse got would you have bought anything from them? When my friends are busy installing plows they will call people back, not get rude. So what if they have a large inventory, if they're rude, why waste your money?

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    Like Dockboy, I too would recommend Central Parts Warehouse. Bill Nero is a SIMA member, and much more professional than the "ordeal" you had with that "other" company.

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    Regardless of whether or not they are a good/bad company, or regardless of how busy they are with current customers or installations, if I am willing to pay a high crate charge and high shipping (I know they don't control shipping prices) I should get AT LEAST the same service as someone who would walk in and buy the same part. When they tell me that I can pay for it, but they won't even ready it for shipping for at least 14 days, well, that's bad business.

    Take the plowing line of work- when it snows, we don't go home for the day until all our jobs are done. My father does heating and air conditioning. In the winter, he doesn't dream of going home if he still has people with no heat. Same here- this guy should conduct business during his regular hours, but if he has an out of state customer willing to send the money for a used part sight unseen, they should probably stay after hours to crate it up. If I walked in their shop, they wouldn't tell me "come back in 14 days. On top of that, they didn't answer ANY of my emails, which is why I called them twice. I am glad for the support from everyone, and if these guys are really decent to their local people, maybe they should state on their website that they prefer local business. People forget that if you put your business on the web, the entire world becomes your possible customers.
  13. OP

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    Does Central Parts Warehouse deal in used stuff? I didn't see any on their site.

    Also, does Mr. Plow have a website?
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    I think CPW only deals in new.

    If your looking for used plows, look on E-Bay. There is 4 or 5 on there right now.

  16. Mick

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    A customer should never have to listen to fowl language. polite manners always prevails even if you have a problem
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    Mr Plow Does not have a web site but here is there address and telephone number
    Mr Plow
    1224 Ft Jefferson Ave
    Greenville Ohio 45123
    Good Luck