Better get ready, even you southern guys

Alan Addict
From the map I'd say we're only due for snow showers here but the forecast has us with snow showers on Wednesday and snow on Thursday. I guess we'll know for sure by Friday. Whatever, we're about as ready as can be, BRING IT ON!!!!

DaveO Veteran

If your right, I'll even send ya one of those nice cheese&cracker "things". Like Digger does!!



SlimJim Z71 Addict
Cary, IL
OH LOOK!!! There's nothing ANYWHERE CLOSE to Illinois. Maybe next week...



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Man, when are you guys going to figure out that sucks? The new models runs from 00Z don't show a large amount of measureable precipitation for NE as the old runs. However, that could and probably change.
Lucky 13


In regards to your signature:

Make that a lucky 13 homeless people shoveling for you if it doesn't start snowing soon. ;) I'll be coming to see ya. I'll bring my Monkey Warts tractor with snowblower. We could do every mall in your town it's so productive.

No, I really don't have a garden tractor in case you were wondering.

I'm glad you are here to liven things up for us.

BTW- Would you be kind enough to pass on some of the good weather resources you use?


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Drop me a line at with your email address and I'll forward you some good wx links for forecasting.

thelawnguy Addict
Central CT
One forecast shows snow and temp in the 30s, another rain ands temp in the 40s.

Either way, Id best get my roof out of the back of my truck and get some sand/salt mix.

Alan Addict
At the present the forecast for the Champlain Valley is nothing more pressing than a 30% chance of show showers through the end of the week. I'm bummed, I want SNOW!! Sure would be nice to have something to bill this month, other than the contract jobs

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