Best truck to start small snowplowing Business?


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St. Paul, MN
We own a small apartment building with a small parking lot. We are interested in buying a used truck to plow the parking lot and possibly add some other parking lots of stores or other businesses in the area. We want a truck that could be used the rest of the year as a personal vehicle. That is we want something not too big so that the gas mileage isn't too bad but we want something big enough to do a good job. Any suggestions?



Western CT
Myself and others have had success with Toyotas. I know Alan on this site runs S-10 set up the same way. If you definately want a pickup, which I would suggest so you can add a small salt spreader amd haul stuff in the off season these are good bets. You could also look into buying an old Jeep. They are excellent small plow machines.


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I use a 4cylinder jeep with a 5 speed and I'm actually looking forward to plowing. A six with auto is a perfect machine for small lots but like CT18fireman said a Toyota is a dream machine. The New ones are very expensive and the used ones are hard to find.

It is probably a good idea to buy a truck (whatever brand and size you decide on) that has not been used for plowing in the past. Plowing adds much wear to a truck. This factor can vary greatly according to how much it was used, and by whom, but it is a more than likely a good idea when buying used to add on your own plow.


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If you end up with a Jeep or other non-pickup type, you could still use a small salt spreader by fabricating a mount that fits into a frame mounted hitch. Just be sure that the weight of the spreader and salt doesn't exceed the tongue weight of the hitch. There may even be a company out there that makes a spreader that mounts this way. If not, I am heading to the patent office.....:)