best time to plow


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Man, around here it seems like everyone and their brother goes out in the snow. There are always people on the streets, i like between 1 and 4 in the morning, no rushhour, no pissy people, but a lot of silly people just driving around. Course everyone that has a truck has a plow, so that also adds to the confusion... sure is hectic, but wouldnt trade the job for the world! :D


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Night is definately best. No one in your way! Radio is good no real rush to get things done. where as when you plow during that day you have to rush around making sure all your commercials are plowed of opening and close.

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For me, the best time is just after daybreak. There is no gas station open around here before 6:00. No coffee within 30 miles. No help if I get stuck. Too easy to run off the roads/driveways in the dark.

I plow "with the storm" if we get more than about 8" and so far only have one person who needs to be out by 6:00 to go to work. Next one needs to be open by 7:45 for their kids to get to school. Then it's get there whenever. Retired, disabled and self-employed working from home.

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I agree with Snowybowtie-I like plowing at night, but I really have to be careful also. People are out walking, kids are riding sleds, some people are even on quads or snowmobiles. After about 12 or 1 am, there usually are very few people out. And I agree, the DJ's do play better music at night:) Mike


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djs play the best tunes

Not here!

It seems they have a limited playlist at night here, after about 3 to 4 hours, you start hearing all the same songs again. I have to keep changing stations.

One station here plays the same weather forcast for almost 24 hours, it's almost comical when things have stopped and they're predicting 6" of snow!


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two words: Art Bell :D Who needs music when you can hear about how "They're watching me right now. I can't tell you who they are, because I fear what may happen, but they are out there. And they know things they won't tell us."


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I get sick of hearing the same stupid commercials over and over. You have to change not only stations but station formats. Once you get tired of hearing about acne pimple cream on the "new rock" station you can change to the News/talk format and listen to the commercials for hemorrhoid ointment.

But to get back on topic, Midnight til 6 a.m. ,and if the storm starts late we make sure to get into and out of the downtown accounts before we have to fight rush hour, and then do the suburban stuff.

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Plowing during night in the dark is quite a challenge, at least for a beginner like me. When it is dark, you have limited visibility and cannot always see everything in your path very well. This is when an auxiliary backup light come in handy. I have one on my '89 Toyota, mounted just above the tailgate. The vehicle backup lights on my Toyota taillights was terrible, very dim. With a flick of switch, I have an much better backup light and can see much better, but still it is a challenge. I agree that what is nice about plowing during night is that there is no traffic in your way.


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Plows down

My guys all say the same thing, when they here ACDC back in black over the cell phone, they know its plow time. That is my all time favorite plowing CD. It gets me through the 3-4 am hour when I am the most tired. The best time for me to plow is the next day after a big storm. The landscape is still gorgeous, and since its the next day, any plowing I am doing is gravy, I am the hero, and it also means that things went well the night/ day before. It also means I got a good nights sleep.

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