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Best Plow truck To Build

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by roblandscape, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. roblandscape

    roblandscape Senior Member
    from Phila
    Messages: 185

    I am in the process of putting a plow truck together, I was wondering what type of truck I should look for, I remember hearing that the 80's Chevys were great trucks. Or the old Dodges. This truck would strictly be for plowing. I have two small commercial props. and about 8 driveways, I was thinking about throwing in the towel this year on plowing but I am afraid I will go crazy if its snowing and Im not plowing, So I thought instead of buying a $5000 plow for my new 07 Gmc 3500 6.6 Duramax I will just buy a truck that hasn't been plowed with and buy a plow and put it together and then sell it when the seasons over. Let me know what you think. Thanks
  2. YardMedic

    YardMedic PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,266

    So why buy a $5000 plow for ANY truck? Why not put a completely refurbished plow at half the cost onto the 3500 that's built for work? Besides, what would you do for NEXT year, or the year after that -- buy a different truck each year? If you kept the plow truck, what would you do with it for the summer? Sounds to me like you bought a truck that's ready to work, so work the damn thing! 8 drives & a couple commercials?? I do that without breaking a sweat. Your new truck could EASILY handle 3 times that load, but running your current contracts will be candy. Seriously consider a reconditioned Fisher & just use the '07.

  3. roblandscape

    roblandscape Senior Member
    from Phila
    Messages: 185

    Ok, Well the new truck has a 12 ft. dump bed on it and it would be too big for my route. As far as selling the truck at the end of the year, chances are I will get my money back so it will basically cost me nothing to make money plowing. Also my last truck I had an 03 Gmchd which I had a western on it got really beat up from plowing front end and other issues. So I dont want to put a plow on a 47000 truck to make a few bucks I would rather just buy a truck put a plow on it and sell it when the seasons over. I live in an area where we only get maybe 5 snow event a year.
  4. bribrius

    bribrius PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,609

    smart. easiest way to ruin a truck is push a ton of white crap over the ground over and over. and for the sake of a few k your beating a fourty thousand dollar truck. smart guy. you have my vote. maybe you could just buy one for a few k with a plow on it. doesnt have to be great just has to last one winter, then dump it in the spring.
  5. roblandscape

    roblandscape Senior Member
    from Phila
    Messages: 185

    Yeah Thats what Im hoping to do. I have my eye on a 86 Chevy 2500 with a rebuilt trans and 120000 miles, in pretty good shape for the year. Hes asking 1500$ and I am seeing plenty of used plows on craiglist for around 1200$. I have been trying to use the search option to see what people liked for older trucks plowing but the search option isnt working.
  6. Mark13

    Mark13 PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 5,796

    It sounds like a k5 blazer/jimmy or a full size bronco would be good for you. Tight turning radius, 1/2 ton drivetrain (unless you get a military k5) and known to be tough.
  7. bribrius

    bribrius PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,609

    im not sure you knowing what people like for older plow trucks would do you much good. for instance i like the late seventies fords and the early eighties chevys 3/4 tons. i wouldnt say the drivetrain in them was bullet proof but i think they are tough. however if you couldnt find one in good enough shape what good will it do you knowing what i like? you also have to find a plow for the truck to and mounts unless you pick up a truck with the plow already installed.
    if i were in your shoes i would just look for what i can find in good shape with a plow that hasnt been beat to crap. putting that much time in a vehicle your just going to own for four months and put on the front lawn with a for sale sign doesnt make since. granted it wont be in as good a shape with the plow already on it but it will also save you time and headache.

    Last edited: Aug 22, 2007

    SKYNYRD Senior Member
    Messages: 420

    didn't realize this post was as old as it is, oopsie lol, anyway i guess the following advice would be for anyone else who may be looking at an older gm truck ;)

    we have an older gm truck. (it's registered as a 78) we've had it for 20 years and we wouldn't trade that baby for anything in this world. if that chevy you're looking at has never had a plow on it then that might be your best bet for the money but here's a few suggestions before making a deal on it. most important thing is crawl under it and look at the underside of the cab, you have to make sure it's solid. if you're not sure what i mean go look at the pics of mine in the album on my profile. also inspect the area where the steering box is mounted to the frame, the 73-87(91) gm trucks had problems with the frame cracking in that spot. the other good places to look at is where the rear leaf springs go to the frame and the section of frame directly between the rear cab mounts and the beginning of the bed area. i'm not trying to scare you away from these trucks i just don't want you spending money and ending up disgusted. best of luck and if you got any questions about that 86 feel free to ask me and i'll answer as best i can ussmileyflag:salute:
    Last edited: Jan 18, 2009
  9. JeepTJ

    JeepTJ Senior Member
    Messages: 225

    2 1/2 year old thread!!!!
  10. Winter Land Man

    Winter Land Man Senior Member
    Messages: 723

    You may make (from snowplowing) more than you paid for the old chevy with a new plow... but, you won't get the truck value price when you sell it. If you sold the truck for $2,000 and you wanted $4,000 for the plow... that's $6,000, and not many people will buy an old truck for that price unless it's got new everything, new paint, etc. You just won't make your money back. Why not buy an 80s Chevy that's in good condition, with a plow, and use it as a snowplow, and a back up truck for the summer?

    LoL, I replied too late, too!