Best plow for back dragging???

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by brandy, Feb 10, 2001.

  1. brandy

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    Please tell me there is a plow which will back drag down to the pavement. My western on my jeep doesn't back drag well enough, this last storm I had to shovel too much!!!!
  2. TLS

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    Plows are made for pushing, not backdragging. Some do better than others. My Meyer does much better than my Boss V. The biggest problem is compacting the snow with your tires, and when you backdrag over them, the plow lifts up.
  3. plowking35

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    The snoway may do ok at back dragging, they have a down pressure feature that will allow weight to be added to the plow to help scrape better.
  4. MusGuy

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    My Meyers is Great....

    I do a lot of banks with drive thru's..... YOu can always get one side through, but the other side you have to do some back dragging. My meyer brings thick snow, ice you name it down to the pavement.... You have to be careful about driving over the area too much... It has to do with weight... I have almost 800 lbs push down on the snow... You do not have a vehicle behind the plow digging in to it... so weight is the key issue
  5. Alan

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    We've got two Sno-way straight blades and one of their vee plows. The downpressure feature on them lets them backdrag far better than any regular plow. Plenty of guys here use a backdrag attchment on their Fishers that seems to work pretty good, but adds more weight to an already heavy plow.
  6. Mike Nelson

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    We have two Snoman pull plows work real well.I would not recommend anything over 7' for driving over the road.They are pretty clumsy.
  7. wyldman

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    We also have a snoway,with the down pressure,and it can't be beat.Not many plows will back drag perfectly,but usually the heavier ones,and the one with a steeper blade angle will backdrag better.You can also add a backdrag attachment.Most jeeps don't like heavy blades though.I think a snoway would be perfect.
  8. SCL

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    If you don't do a ton of work look into the Hiniker flip overs. Cool concept, questionable durability. Don't know how big you can go on the Jeep and I think this model only comes in an 8'er.
  9. 66Construction

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    That add on to the fisher plow I think is a hydraulic trip feature. It just lets you plow with the edge fully triped to get hard paked snow up. I never used it but I have seen it on the net.
  10. plowking35

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    There is another type that flips down for back dragging, and then flips up for plowing forward. I have heard about the hydro trip edge unit, but have never seen one.
    Since switching to urethane edges, we have increased back dragging capabilities alot, so we are content with just using them.They will actually shave ice in reverse. When we get area of hard pack we will drive over them F-R until it scrapes it clean, it takes a few passes but does work.