Best plow for 1-Ton Chevy?

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by PRapoza451, Oct 26, 2000.

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    Hi Guys,
    I'm in the landscaping business and have been for ten years now. I've stayed away from plowing until now but in the interest of being full service I've decided to start offering plowing services. I have six trucks but only one 4x4. It's a 87 Chevy V-30 with a long wheelbase. I have a 7' wide by 12' long rack body dump on it. I service 99.9% residential customers and have two questions. First is a truck like this to long and cumbersome to do small to med. driveways with and secondly what is the best type of plow for my situation? Any info is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
    P.S. I've seen a plow in one of the trade mags. that curls over and drags snow back so you can push it out from near say a garage or some other dead end. Anyone have any experience with it or know about it?
  2. Chuck Smith

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    That new plow is the Hinniker "C plow". I saw one up close, and a demonstration of it going through the various positions. Looks like a good idea, but, the "piano hinge" holding the 2 parts of the blade looks flimsy. The "pin" going through the hinge must be a 1/4" diameter, maybe 5/16" diameter pin, tops. Maybe it is strong enough.....

    I think a 12' rack body is a little long for small and medium residentials. The shorter the wheelbase the better for residentials. You will be doing A LOT of maneuvering. I'll pass on the "what is the best plow" question.

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    I agree with Chuck your rack body is too long for drives you wont be able to menuver very well.The Hinniker plow i havn't seen yet.AS far as a plow I have a Diamond and i like it but would go 9' for a 1 ton dulley Around here in MA. there's a plow dist. that makes ther own called a continetal full trip very sturdy and large cheek plates.Or mayby a frink plow they are in NY i think .
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    I agree with chuck, a 12' rack body is going to be a little long. The best truck for those applications is a 3/4 or 1 ton pick up, however it can be done with the 12' just not as profitable.

    As for the best plow, get a 9' blade, and if ya have the cash to spend geta v-plow. However i think you are going to want to have a big v-plow, with your wheel base the 8.5 will be a little small.

    I am not going to get into the battle of the brands. I will say Diamond and Fisher are Number 1.

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    I also think the 12' body is a little long, maybe you could get a few lots to do witht the truck instead of drives, and the drives you do get send a couple guys with one of your 2wheel drives with snowblowers instead of trying to do them with the truck. As for the plow for the truck I would get the 9' Fisher.Just My two cents
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    First year out (and it is late already), you may want to go plow as a sub for some other, larger plowing contractor. You'll get some experience, learn the ropes of plow, find out if you like it enough to beat your body and equipment (and it is important that you like it if you continue doing it). Tell the guy you go plow with that you're not real sure yet if you like it and want to work for someone else first.

    If you go that route, find a plowing contractor that pays his guys on time (being sure you'll be paid is more important that the hourly rate). Ask him for a list of guys that are already plowing for him and call them up to "check the guy out". Or... find someone that is plowing as a sub already and ask who the best is to work for.

    Ask if you'll get hours (and not get shorted because you're a 'rookie').

    If you go the sub route and need more info on how to go about it, lots of guys on this forum that can assist you in not getting "stung" by an unscrupulous plowing contractor.

    Good luck, and welcome to the loony bin......
  7. Snow Pro

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    I think you know it's going to be too big otherwise you wouldn't be asking. Get some commercial accounts where you could open that baby up and make some big money
  8. Lazer

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    That unit is a parking lot truck.
  9. OP

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    Thanks for all the help guys. I appreciate you all taking the time to respond. I may have to set up this 12' monster and do driveway with her. I certainly don't want to buy a new truck just for plowing driveways and I'm not buying used especially a 4x4. It's tough, plowing, around hear (Cape Cod) because we can't count on snow. We're in a zone similar to Washington D.C. so sometimes it snows and sometimes it rains. The only interest I have in plowing is to provide that service for my existing clients so that others can't get a foot in the door. Right now we do everything else design, install and maintain landscapes. Any other thoughts are appreciated. Maybe subing the driveways out?
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    I agree with John Allin and think that your truck would be perfect as a sub for another company. I also agree that a 9' "V" would do nicely.

    If you're really only wanting to do resi's then what about doin' them with snowblowers? Have you got any employees available? Send them out to do the driveways with blowers and shovels, while you plow a couple of nearby accounts as a sub. They can use your 2wd's to go from house to house, and you can check up on them in between lots.
  11. Snow Pro

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    I agree completely with cutntrim. If you don't have the employees, sub them out to someone for 1/2 of what you're getting.
  12. OP

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    Thanks again guys. I decided to sub out the plow work this year and look into it again next summer. That's probably the time to start planning for the plow biz. Good luck to you all and stay warm.
  13. MLI

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    We need subs!

    PRapoza451...I just read your post. We are located in Weymouth(South Shore). Im in the process of putting and ad in local newspaper for subs. If your interested in this let me know, we also are looking for shovel crews.