Best Place to get Tmbrens?

oldmankent Addict
finally got a plow, and I know my front end will need some uplifting. But for now I'm gonna settle with the Timbrens and see how that goes. I was wondering where the best place online was to get them, if anyone had any suggestions. also, according to their site, I need timbren part number "FF2504A" Does that sound right?

96 F250 4x4 PSD
TTB front end (IFS)
8800 GVWR

thanks guys, Nick

John DiMartino Veteran
Why not try the Monroe muscle's? they are about 1/2 the price,and do the same thing.I juts put a set of timbrens on my 91 GMC,it still sags the same as before with the blade on,and rides a hair stiffer too,so i think ill take them off,since they do no good,and hurt the empty ride.I think they are in to far on the frame to do any good on my application,the rubber just squishes right down with the blade on like its not even there.

imalso have timbrens , bought at aw direct and decided to try some munroe's from what i heard on this site, got them from napa where hard for them to find but they gott em

i have not installed them yet but at first glance the timbrens look much beefier
the munroe's have actually two "pods" as the timbrens have only one


NE Indiana
Monroe Muscle???

I just looked on the site, and they don't have any front support listed. Am I looking in the wrong place?? I have a 98' 2500 Chevy (I know I don't like it either!!) anyhow and don't see anything to help the front end. Joe


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N. Virginia
I have the timbrens on my 00 250 w/a 7.5 Meyer. Love 'em. Front end drops half of what it used to, and no bounce with plow on. Plus no change in ride when unloaded.

Have also heard that the Monroe muscles are not as beefy as the Timbrens.

SIMPLE to install.

Awdirect is the best place

Good Luck


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Wausau, WI
Go with the Timbrens

I put timbrens on my truck also. Made a big difference. I would sometimes bottom the carriage out in dips (if I was going fast enough). The Timbrens prevent this. The truck drops only 1/4 in. instead of 1 and the ride is firm with the plow on, not harsh. I like them.

John DiMartino Veteran
I just got my Monroe's in for my Dodge today,fast service,great price at shock .These look as beefy as the timbrens,and dont require any welding(timbrens do on my Dodge).Ill mount them up,and see how they work,it looks like a 1/2 hr job from what i can see.Thnaks Greg for putting the link up a while back.

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