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Best place to buy BAG SALT in SE Indiana??

Discussion in 'Ice Management' started by dr_destructo, Dec 28, 2009.

  1. dr_destructo

    dr_destructo Member
    from Indiana
    Messages: 48

    Any leads on bagged salt in Southeastern Indiana? The place I've been buying for a few years isnt stocking as much salt this year. I was paying $232/ skid. I can get it from my old supplier, but at a much higher $285/skid.
  2. Big Snow Balls

    Big Snow Balls Member
    Messages: 40

    Try Amturf their in Gary Indiana but they ship all accross the country. They supply all the menards with baged salt products. Great prices Ask For Brett 219-938-0049

    MARK SUPPLY Member
    Messages: 49

    Try Cisco Companies they are based out of Indianapolis, 800 888 2986 ask for June Schroder. Last I checked they were like 230.00 a skid.
  4. DRIFTER92

    DRIFTER92 Senior Member
    Messages: 124

    Skid price

    Just did a check at Menards in Avon, IN and they have a skid for $224.40. (30 80lb. bags) 2,400lbs total.
  5. MahonLawnCare

    MahonLawnCare Senior Member
    from Ohio
    Messages: 852

    Man not to interrupt your post, but down here I get a skid of 80's (Morton) with 30 bags for $170.00...........man prices are all the over the place
  6. DRIFTER92

    DRIFTER92 Senior Member
    Messages: 124

    MMMMMM Tube Sand

    I knew Menards shouldn't be the lowest price. Hell I spent $60 or so for 1120lbs of Tube Sand. :rolleyes: but those tubular bags are just soooooo fancy.
  7. tattood_1

    tattood_1 Member
    Messages: 98

    There is a guy in Richmond selling Diamond Winter Melt for $225 a skid. 49 50lb bags per skid. I'll have to dig through my paperwork and find his number, if you want it let me know.
    Last edited: Jan 3, 2010
  8. dr_destructo

    dr_destructo Member
    from Indiana
    Messages: 48

    Got it locally for $232/skid. 49-50#'s. I'm concerned about the supply they have on hand though. I just dont have enough room to store too much. Was hoping to have a back-up plan in place.