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What do you guys consider to be an average amount of money that can be brought in by one plow truck and operator per event. I guess what I am trying to get at is what are the limitations of one truck and operator in dollars?


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It depends on what the truck is being used for. Also I have found that the driver makes a big difference. I have seen drivers get many more driveways than one would expect done. Upon returning to the shop though they have caused damage to the truck. This carelessness in mymind takes away from the productiveness of the truck. I think the best is a steady driver that is quick but not careless.


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New member here, depends on what you are plowing. I personally with one helper can do approximately 3 driveways per hour depending on size and travel time. Minimum regularily $35/driveway. Thats one way. Sub contracting for a larger plow firm will pay anywhere from $50 to $65/hr for a standard plow on a pickup. The third way would be to plow your own small parking lots/gas stations. I feel plowing your own lots and driveways combined is the best way to go. I do all three ways currently. One truck for lots and driveways, 4 other plow trucks, bobcat, and backhoe are subbed out at a large lot nearby.


New member here also. Here in central Mi. plow trucks hired to a large contractor generally bring 35-65/hr. Driveways go for around $30 a pop on average and decent sized commercial lots $125 and up plus de-icing. In our fleet a good driver and blower man can gross 500-1500 dollars a day pretty easy.

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Just did all 4 of my commercial lots the last storm in a record 4.5 hrs! Lots were done correctly, no cutting corners and no trails/tails left. All were salted and one includes 15 min of hand shoveling. 1600lbs of salt were applied via tailgate Buyers spreader, cost $100. Total money billed out = $1025. Fuel used, approx = $20. This works out to a net of $905 divided by 4.5 hrs door to door is = $201 per hr. This is one of my best per hour storms yet. It was only a 2" snow, the other week we had 8" of light snow and it took 7.5hrs for the same lots. I love winter when it snows!

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I think the profit potential of one truck depends greatly on the level of service you provide also.I am able to stay on top of the storm with 3 trucks,while others can get the same jobs done with one truck,commercial accounts to me need to be cleared ASAP,and continously while its snowing,while residentials can wait a little bit,until its over.When we had 20" last week the overbooked guys were way over there heads plowing for 3 daysstraight ,many of them broke their trucks/plows by the second day which was sunday-bad day to break down.I can usually do 5-6 residentails in an hr with drive time,at about 30-35 each.thst works out to about the same rate as my commercials,but with them its a 1" trigger-not 3",and more pushes,and no driving around during a storm,to me i want to stay off the road ,and in a big well lit lot plwoing at night.


I agree John. Service is our top priority because if you fail there, well you know what happens. Competition is just too stiff. We manage our accounts the same way with commercial lots coming first and residentual second. In the event a storm lingers and we have to keep our trucks tied up reclearing, well sometimes the private drives have to wait. Luckily for us, they understand.

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Say a 4-8 inch storm, Ill be out 9-12 hours and gross $1700, with expenses of $10/hour for my helper + $55 for a tank of fuel. Plowing snowblowing and shoveling. One truck, one or two snowblowers depending on how heavy the snow is. Add maybe 50 per cent to that for heavier snowfall.

The big lot and small one adjacent get done first, my helper meets me at the big lot as I finish up, then its off to do residentials. The residentials get done as I see fit, and the clubhouse lot gets done somewhere in between the driveways as long as its done before 6pm.

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$1500-$2000 is a reasonable goal per truck per day.

It could be higher if you only get 8-10 storms per year.

Probably too high if you plow 50 times per year.

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me and my mom go and hit up my 4 larger lots first, then we go and do residentals(around 30) we usualy get done in about 8-10 hrs avg. for a 5 inch storm, this is my first year with 2 trucks (kinda confusing)but when i add it all up it avrages about 1000 after gas +salt , 1200 gross per event

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