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Best Employee

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Well today i feel so lucky, i have one of the best employees you could ask for.

6 Years ago i hired an 18 year old High School kid to start working in the utility construction division. Now this kid wasn't like any of my typical empoyees, he was very smart and a stick. Only his parents house is very close to my shop, the kid didn't have a car and the parents didn't have much money. He came to ask me for a job, i said well sure i was looking for some summer help, but i told him streight up you got 2 weeks to cut it or your gone.

Well to be honest he didn't cut it in to weeks. However i put him on the a crew with some of my older employees, they told me he work work as hard as he could all day, so hard that he would fall a sleep on the way back from some jobs that were far a way. So it took him all that summer to really get built up to the point where we could cut it. They end of the summer i said to him, well ya did a good job, if ya want to come back next summer you can. Only i need some shovel guys for the winter, can ya help me out. He did every storm he was there shoveling.

Well the kid kept working for me ever summer, and he really took off that second summer worked hard always on time. The third summer the kid started running a crew. Anyways he was going to school to be an electircal engineer so this skill is very valuable in this biz. So he was working in the office a little the past two years. Anyways this spring he graduated, i said to him, well if you want to work as an engineer here i could use on. Only you will have to work in both the field and the office.

I also said, i won't be able to pay the 80 K you could get at fairchild or national semiconductor. I wanted to be streight up with the guy. I said well i let ya decide was ya want to do, If you walk in to my office june 12 you got the job, if not i will run an add in the paper. I gave him 30 days to decide if he wanted the job, he graduated May 12.

I think i got one of the best people working as my engineer. I mean, the guy has worked in the field, knows what the guys have to do, and how they have to do it.

Anyways i just felt so lucky to have such a great employee.

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those guys as you know are few and far between. Lucky? no, you are fortunate to have such a loyal employee, who could let you retire and provide you with the income that you could earn being there. Good job for you too, these kids learn from good examples.

It does sound like you have a good fellow. As Vince said, it is also a reflection on your own business morals and methods too. Some poeple feel genuine loyalty and indebtedness to others who have given them a break or even just treated them squarely. I have only had one employee like that, and we do keep in touch and help each other from time to time. 1 in 1000.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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