best attatchment for snowremoval

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i just bought a bobcat 753, what do you think the most productive attatchment would be, snow blower, snow blade, bucket, etc. thanks


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Cary, IL
Lots of variables in that one. If you get frequent storms that produce large amounts of snow, I would opt for the blower. If you're working an area that needs to be cleaned every 2-inches, go for the blade. You can get a wider blade, and cover more area, all while still being able to scoop and lift like a bucket. Just my .02


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While plowing one of our customers lots, I watch another company clearing an adjacent lot with a skid steer and a pusher box. He finishes long before me. The little bugger even stacks the snow twice as high as my pickup. O well, at least I am warmer and can drink my coffee while I plow. Go for a protech or avalance!!


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look at the ffc pusher box. it allows you to back drag from garage doors, along with the capture ability of a regular pusher box.

Michael F

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Rochester, NY
I have a new 753 with 8' blade we use in townhouse complexs, works great except on hills or in heavy snow, plenty of power, not enough weight. If I was to do over again I would have bought 7' blade & put Pro-wings on. Bobcat also makes an end kit for their plows, turns plow into pusher, sides fold back when not in use. If you decide to go with a full size pusher I would buy a 6'. All depends on you use.


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ARE ANY OF THE PUSH BOXES any better than the others or is it just who sells them in your area . looking into gettin one and was wondering which one.

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Chicago, Il
Looked at the FFC pusher yesterday, nice unit. :)

It's going to be the next one that I buy, only problem is it's going to take a long time to wear out my Protechs!

If I had a 753 bobcat I would only go with a 6' pusher box.
The limited lift that the 753 has makes a 8' too heavy but a six footer would work just right.

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